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Redis Beginner Tutorial 3 – How to install REDIS on windows (step-by-step)

Today we will learn :
How to install redis on windows ?
Step by Step

Step 1
Download redis from

Step 2
Unzip the folder
(if you have download the zip file)
Run the installer
(if you have download the msi file)

Step 3
Start redis-server
Validate redis is working

Step 4
How to stop redis-server
to force quit : CTRL + C

Helpful Tips
Set the redis location in Environment variable – Path
After this you will be able…

45 Comments on Redis Beginner Tutorial 3 – How to install REDIS on windows (step-by-step)

  1. Thank you for useful session

  2. 🙁 no redis 5 for windows

  3. how can do it in windows 32-bit?

  4. Thank YOU Sooo Much for making this amazing video!

  5. I see no zip download anywhere

  6. thanks for helping. It's helpful

  7. Hi, I have a problem with the installation. I am stuck on step 5:20 on your video. When I type redis-cli.exe, I was unable to type anything on the cmd. I restart the cmd.exe so many times but still does not work. Please help! SOS !! Much appreciated.

  8. please i wanna to load a file csv into redis
    can you help me

  9. Hi, I am unable to find the new version of Redis for Windows, there is no option for downloading it from git hub. Help !

  10. Muchísimas gracias! en la pagina de Redis ya no esta el link a la versión de windows y no encontraba como instalarlo, pude instalar todo gracias a tu video.

  11. It was new for me …Thanks dear…..helped A Lot(After Scolded by my Team Lead…)

  12. how we can create multiple nodes in redis like ncache pls suggest.

  13. Nice Tutorial dude.
    Just one suggestion, try to slow down a bit it looks like you are in a hurry.

  14. Thank you so much for your usefull tutorial.

  15. Awesome Raghav ! Way awesome and explanatory than Udemy courses.

  16. Great Tutorial , Thanks a lot!

  17. hello welcome to tech support how may i help you

  18. thank you! very helpful!

  19. i like your pace and right balance of detail and overview. well done!

  20. BTW, you can use amazing desktop application Redis Desktop Manager

  21. kindly will u tell me how to design leaderboard through redis ????

  22. If only this still worked 🙁 ..
    No windows download on that page at all …

  23. Hey man, how can i set redis 4.0 in my wamp server so that when i run wamp redis server also will run automatically..

    i tried this setup but doesn't work

    1. I download Redis

    2. I download php_redis.dll

    3. I copied the php_redis.dll in C:wamp64binphpphp7.1.9ext

    4. I pasted extension=php_redis.dll in php.ini and phpForApache.ini

    but every time i run the wamp server the redis server and cli doesn't run.

  24. thnaks thanks thanks !

  25. Thanks very much, very helpful.

  26. This must be the most coherent tutorial I have ever come across on YT. Great work, much appreciated 🙂

  27. very straight-foward, thx

  28. Very helpful video! Thanks Raghav!

  29. Hi Raghav, Excellent video. Very easy and informative. I have couple of questions wrt Testing Redis. Suppose I have to test the Redis Cache component which is being built as part of our project. How will you really test if the Redis is working correctly as expected and the Caching is also happening correctly. Basically I want to know what testing has to be done to validate if the Redis Cache component is working and integrated as expected.

  30. Its works..
    thank you buddy. Good job..

    keep doing 🙂

  31. Thank you so much!!! Your video is great!

  32. thanks man you helped me a lot

  33. Fantastic job buddy! Thanks! I couldn't unmute, and still it was so easy to understand 🙂

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