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Reinstall Windows 10 Without an Installation Disc or USB

In this video tutorial I will show you how to create your own free Windows 10 bootable recovery partition.
This will allow you to restore to a fresh installation of Windows 10 without the need of an installation disc or USB.

Download Windows 10 ISO:


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32 Comments on Reinstall Windows 10 Without an Installation Disc or USB

  1. I can’t decide whether this is a voice over or a person

  2. Love your channel. You've helped me so much . Thank you .

  3. I miss my windows 8 🙁 when i upgraded it was going SOO good for the first day, and now, my chrome acts SO SO SO dumb and so does the computer…..anyone got any advice?

  4. I download the ISO and it's about 4gb – I thought it was around 8gb???

  5. Will it clear all data after the update

  6. But if you can't get past the troubleshoot / advanced options page to get to a screen where you can download, what's a girl to do?

  7. Deleted something and now it says An operating system wasn’t found try disconnecting any drivers that don’t contain a operating system

  8. When I click on windows 10 recovery after boot, it restarts with windows 10 again. Plz help

  9. After formatting…it says the wrong file system GPS needed ??

  10. After reinstalling windows 10, How to remove windows 10 recovery boot which comes in the starting when i start my laptop?

  11. My laptop has just died cause of windows 10…it bas become ultra slow…and some files of windows 10 are deleted.The apps are not working and the taskbar,windows button and many more things have died…my 'r' key is working automatically????????????

  12. It appears you don't need to create a recovery partition or use EasyBCD for what was done here, i.e. install a fresh Windows over the existing one. According to the Microsoft ISO download site, you can install Windows directly from the downloaded ISO file by mounting it according to the instructions provided.

  13. it says : theres not enough space on the disk(s) to complete this operation wtf

  14. Thanku Bro its awesome ????

  15. Didn't work for me. When i restart and clin win10 reg still open my slow win10

  16. This was so much helpful. Thanks a lot mate! Keep up the good work.

  17. This method is not working for me hp 15bs4tu..

  18. This video worked great for me. Tnx for the help… just one question. Can I delete recovery disk after reinstall?

  19. I have installed windows 7 in my pc and I have the backup data of my previously installed windows 10 and a recovery boot image….
    Can i install windows 10 again?

  20. I have a second laptop that had windows 10 pro but for some reason I got an error that I needed to update my key! Now can I do what you instructed in this video to create a recovery for this second laptop and if so will I lose the data on my original laptop doing this?

  21. Core i7 with 2GB RAM LOL!!!

  22. The virus won’t let me run the windows 10 tool lol

  23. is this method work same like reset windows 10 option ? actually i have windows 10 licensed windows that comes with laptop and windows reset worked like a champ for me to get rid of slow window but this option is not working anymore because 1 year warranty has been completed.

  24. what if ur on linux lol

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