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RocketBook Hacks #RocketWindow #RocketBoards

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RocketWindow Dimensions:
20×30 White Foam board

Black Masking Tape

Enlarged Rocketbook QR code and Tokens. Should equal 17.5 inches in total length.

1 1/2 inch Black boarder on sides and top
1 inch boarder on bottom (because the tokens will be down there as well.

Cut out window with box cutter.

Keep Center to create 4 mini-RocketWindows

4 small magnets glued to back.

Check out some RocketPages HERE:…

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49 Comments on RocketBook Hacks #RocketWindow #RocketBoards

  1. I was searching how to make the icons for my paper planner. I think your frame will work just need to size it down to fit my planner paper! Great hack. I'm going to draw an Icon on the bottom without the frame and try out until I find time to make your frame???? thanks for your effort.

    Update, I put NY place near in the rocket book from and it fit within 3 sides, rocket app tried to scan but it needs the full black frame.

  2. These are great ideas! Thank you for these hacks! I could definitely use these in my classroom!

  3. Such great ideas!! Thanks for sharing

  4. You seem like an awesome teacher. Great tips too. ty

  5. You are AWESOME

  6. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them!

  7. But wait there’s more!!!

  8. Used your template to make an A3 (double sized) pocketbook page, laminated it- and pilot frixion felt tip markers work on it just fine (don't even need to use whiteboard markers). Means I have a rocketbook that I can use for big groups. Thanks! (and thanks rocketbook)

  9. Can you share the icons that you created in a google drawing link or some other iCloud platform? This is brilliant. I teach 2nd grade math just got my rocket book in the mail. Maybe post a link here on your channel. My teammate and I are making rocket books for each of our students from the pages on the website and binding their pages in a rocketbook format. Thanks for sharing your video!!!

  10. Hello, what were the dimensions of the area you cut out to create the rocket board mini? Thank you!

  11. Can Rocketbook hire this guy? I would absolutely buy some of these products, rather than make them. Brilliant!

  12. Because of this video I am now looking at ways to incorporate this into our small warehouse. We still use a lot of paper forms and can't really justify investing in a whole new system, particularly because we are non-profit. I plan on creating my own template to use with laminated sheets so I can file forms digitally and then reuse the forms. Can't wait to try it out!

  13. Awesome video! My favorite is the RocketWindow!! Kudos!

  14. Rocket book is rolling out a fix for whiteboards in may!

  15. Nice hacks! I wish college teachers used this.

  16. I am starting to realise….
    it's just taking photo of notes. Lol.

  17. Just picked up a Rocketbook. These are really excellent ideas. Thanks for sharing, sir!

  18. Just tried my first Rocketbook scan – of a pencil drawing on Strathmore 300 sketch paper. Contrast is way too high. Tried adjusting with the settings but no significant improvement. Maybe it is just not suitable for gray scale? It is good how it gets the picture aligned. Will be getting the Everlast notebook with pen tomorrow and will try that.

  19. Do you have the digital files of the circles to share? Or is that QR specific to the rocketbook account?

  20. Does anyone know if these modifications are a violation of copyright? Rocketbook made it pretty easy to use in so many ways.

  21. You are an amazing teacher. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  22. if you paste a photo in that frame,that means RIP

  23. My brain thanks you for doing it's thinking and experimenting for it. 🙂

  24. This is awesome! Thank you. Do the dimensions of the border matter? I am trying to make it work on my dry erase board. Does the size of the icon strip at the bottom matter?

  25. Ingenious! You really should contact rocketbook, and see if you can get them to make it!

  26. This is a brilliant would be brilliant to use such boards to quickly scan and send class note to a specific place and create an online classroom notes sharing platform. One can also use black magnets instead of colouring the lower logos. Thanks and keep up the creativity. All the best sir.

  27. This is fantastic! Great job!

  28. This is honestly incredible

  29. Great video!!! I cannot seem to find the music page… Can you send me a link? Thanks!!

  30. Very very cool and innovative!!! Thank you for sharing these hacks!

  31. Pure genius and passion; what great attributes when they come together in one human being.

  32. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  33. I like your window! I just made a mini one myself and then decided to google to see if anyone had better ways to do it and found this. They have a new rocketboard product coming — restickable corner markers you can put on any whiteboard. It's in the kickstarter phase now!

  34. This is brilliant!

  35. You are brilliant!

  36. I'm new to the Rocketbook phenom, but can this has endless uses at work (hospital).
    Really like your hacks!
    Had a thought about 3D objects being scanned/sent in jpeg using 90 degree folded cardboard backing with the borders, etc.
    I love whiz-bang stuff like this!

  37. This was full of great ideas for making the rocketbook work for various needs! You inspired me to make a blown up version of the bottom section so that it is 8.5" long, printed on heavy card stock, cut and covered with packing tape, then adhered to a thick 9×12 black foam board with a hot glue gun so that office meeting notes in my rocketbook can be bundled with any supplemental printouts simply by placing those on top of the foam and scanning. This way the notes and support materials are all together in the same PDF!

  38. wow ! that's freaking smart and creative

  39. Omg.., you took it to the next level..

  40. I was thinking of doing this to the worksheets my professors hand out to me. Seen you actually do it only gave me more ideas of how I can do it. Thanks!!

  41. Wow, these are brilliant ideas, and I had no idea about the pages for download. Thank you!

  42. This is so cool! I’m glad to see rocketbook making its way into a wider range of uses.

  43. Thanks. Brilliant idea!

  44. anyone try this on an elfinbook?

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