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School networks hack n’ tricks!

A little tutorial one how to access website in a filter protected school computer. This was NOT performed on a school computer, however these methods have been tested and confirmed to work. L33T§¶34K is not held responsible if you attempted any of these hack/tricks and you’re stupid enough to get caught. Happy now Suits???

20 Comments on School networks hack n’ tricks!

  1. Do you need Administrators rights to the command prompt?

  2. It did get the job down in the end 😀 thanks OP for tips! I'll try them tomorrow or as soon as possible at school! >:D

  3. cant save .bat files at my school

  4. lol windowsXP 🙂 good ol days…. btw NONE of these ways work anymore… you can use a vpn or TOR or something, and you should get them to work 🙂

  5. Your Fucking Computer Is Slow Ass HELL!!!

  6. Our school blocked Hide my ass-when I tried using it, they called the school and complained. However, they weren't smart enough to figure out that I had been using ultrasurf for TWO YEARS!

  7. lol your school gots W.O.W!

  8. @rossl496 then make a homemade cmd at ur house then save it to a flash drive and open it on the schools pc. It works.

  9. i tryed it after i found out theres camras in the lab -.-

  10. okay i got a question can u help me sign in as the administrator please so i can install my games for it thanks! because it keeps saying u need to be the administrator!!!! Thank you so much! : )

  11. @panda100123 same here 🙁

  12. @L33tsp34kStvd10s u cant open it u have to have eventviewer

  13. @L33tsp34kStvd10s Ha! I'm 6'5" and 15

  14. Dude thank you this helped me get on facebook ndtype e a quick message to mi friend

  15. @panda100123 same here but i figured out a way ov doin it insted

  16. my skwl is gay we cnt right click cmd or even notepad….plz help

  17. at my school u cant right click

  18. hey if you're still active on you tube can you sent me a message i need some help

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