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Screen Reader Basics: NVDA — A11ycasts #09

Read the “Using NVDA to Evaluate Web Accessibility” article:

Watch the “Testing for Accessibility with the NVDA Screen Reader on Windows” video on

If you’re on a Windows machine and would like to get started with screen readers, NVDA is a great option. The project is open source and funded by donations (please consider giving if you actually end up using it for work!). Today on the show I’ll cover the basics of navigating a page with…

9 Comments on Screen Reader Basics: NVDA — A11ycasts #09

  1. Is there a good screen reader for linux?

  2. very helpful! is there a similar video for JAWS?

  3. You use him I use Anna I am learning how to use nada without my computer screen on because of my vision impairment

  4. Why d fok re u using mozila Firefox when yu re chrom developers

  5. Google! Help them with the voice!

  6. I only have a question. Why Firefox?

  7. Why does it sound such… Robotic? Could an author use Web Speech API or… Microsoft Zira, hmm.

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