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SLITHER.IO STRATEGIES, TIPS & TRICKS! (BEST Strategies To WIN) / Slitherio BEST Strategies Tips & Tricks to get to #1 on the Leaderboard. is based off of Agario with similar concepts and snake gameplay. Leave a “LIKE” rating as likes are greatly appreciated, and let me know by leaving a “COMMENT” on what video I should do next! Funny Moments – Playlist –

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  1. Lets make a clan named [UG]

  2. Here is another one: When a biggie dies, circle a lot of them orbs or dots whatever u call them,then go for the other ones. The point of this is to make it to where other snakes can't get to the ones u circle

  3. tell me stuff i dont know

  4. Anyone wanna b friends

  5. Try the fake bot strategy! Act like you're a small snake. Every snake will want to circle you, but when they do, cut right in front of their head.

  6. Lol unspeakable gaming is one of my fav YouTubers and when I searched up strategies for I found this!!!

  7. I never see big snak


  9. Thanks dude with your tips and tricks I got to 4700's

  10. If you ever play and you see the name Corde Leinenbach that is me. so change your work name to Unspeakable.☺☺☺☺

  11. Another is when a snake is close to trapping you,to super-speed right at the hole they are finishing and OOF they go!

  12. the background song is fingerdash

  13. Good, Try to get in front of other little snakes.

  14. always go to the corners that's my tip hahah

  15. good job by getting big but u keeped dieing

  16. I get to #3 but then die

  17. Try staying out the middle of the map because most off the time you will die there and everyone is killing other people like the game is running out of fasion

  18. My strategy is to gust find a big snake and then I circle people

  19. One is that it ur chasing someone but ur ahead u can turn around where there going but u have to make the line small so they can't turn then u can circle all the dogs for urself

  20. i constrict snakes

    i just go around the snake cutting the snakes exit routes and wait for them to touch me

  21. THANKS IT HELPED ME! kill them all…

  22. No.1 Don't be greedy

  23. #1 stagedy Be small so you could cut off big snakes

  24. my best score is 12k im a skrub

  25. When you are big circle people to kill them but when you are small kill them by trying to run Into their head but when they turned turn do not try!

  26. go to middle of map because there is bigger snakes

  27. A good strategy is to collect xp until your in the 1000 or 2000 then go for the kills

  28. Wen surmount pawe OWT

  29. Pretend to be a bot, then when somebody boosts up to you trying to cut you off, you cut them off
    Go in circles, then when somebody gets close to your head, jump in front of them and then cut them off

  30. OMG It worked thanks!

  31. This is bad but it helps me get to #1 on the leaderboard…Circle a bunch of snakes when you are big.

  32. Stay away from size snakes size 100 or less. There deadly… trust me.

  33. How to get up to number one on leaderboards! 1: Cut off people so you get points! Yea no lie Sherlock

  34. whats ths name of the song at the end

  35. thanks for the advice

  36. Follow a Big Snakes butt when they boost you can feed off there energy coming out them but be careful because if they notice they will try to cut u off also if your circling someone when u see someone else about to try to circle u look where there head is and go the direction where there body isn't coming from mean if there turning right go top left

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