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SMW Hacking Tricks -01-

P4plus explains a couple of SMW hacking tricks that should make your hacking experience a bit easier. This is possibly the start of a mini series he will update once and awhile whenever he thinks of new tips and tricks.

18 Comments on SMW Hacking Tricks -01-

  1. Thanks so much! Very useful for me in other things that I do now!

  2. Can I have a textual version of this? Listening to a procedure is quite boring.

  3. As long as you don't accidentally delete anything and stick to this tutorial you should be fine. But there are a few tweaks needed for windows 7, so tonight or tomorrow I will try and get out the next episode which will do these tricks in windows 7, plus show off a few more tips.

    KHOMaster posted the main change required for windows 7 if you'd like to go off what he said (he is right). Additionally if you want to be safe you can make a registry backup first.

  4. Mostly wanted to make sure it could be read at any resolution and the magnifier is just too clunky. And yeah, on linux I must say /usr/local/bin is the best thing ever :P. But I do tend to play with my PATH variable every here and there.

  5. Is it possible to crash your computer doing this? (using a new Windows 7 Laptop that I don't want to break)

  6. thanks a lot for this p4. I was getting sick of going to a specific folder and get a clean rom everytime…

    anyways, hope you do more of these!

  7. This is interesting…nicely done video and some useful tricks. I look forward to more!

  8. More of these videos would be awesome 😀 Nice work P4plus!

  9. Thanks, Sarco 😀

  10. Found it. For Windows 7 users, copy-paste this in your Windows Explorer taskbar:thingy:


  11. now I just need to know where the templates are located in Win7.

  12. Stop this video, p4plus2!!!!! alert!!!!!! please close!!!!!!

  13. Hah, I see that XFCE menu down there! Funny how you mention adding things to the path, as it's one of the things Linux developers do quite often. And it's not quite as awkward as on Windows.
    Also, that is one giant DPI setting in that virtualised XP you have there.

  14. This is actually pretty amazing, you gotta do more of these

  15. Okay, it says "%userprofile%/Templates" isn't accessible, and access is denied. I have administrative privileges on my computer by the way. :/

  16. …I was actually going to try to learn how to add an SMW rom to my NEW options.

    Thanks a bunch!

  17. I assume someone will link this in the FAQ or the TotD.

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