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Streaming Xbox One Games to Windows 10 Preview – Tutorial


Earlier today, a variety of exciting announcements were made from Microsoft at this year’s E3 gaming conference regarding Xbox One. Backwards compatibility with Xbox 360, playing Xbox One games on Oculus Rift, and streaming games to any Windows 10 devices! In this post, I will walk you through the steps to enable Xbox One streaming to your Windows 10 device!

20 Comments on Streaming Xbox One Games to Windows 10 Preview – Tutorial

  1. Will specs matter for your pc, do you need to have a killer graphics card

  2. does it stream to twitch ??

  3. when I tried it it ctack like it glitches how a qr code looks like

  4. does this work for the 360

  5. Do I need an xbox to play games with control on my windows??????

  6. How do u get the preview dashboard?

  7. its not finding my xbox and the ip method wont work

  8. Invite me 2 plz gt Stif1er95

  9. Does your Xbox One have to be turned on while streaming?

  10. Cool. I already have my Xbone in my room, but I think I'll move it to the living room with the bigger TV, just stream to my laptop if the TV's being used.

  11. Where did you get that background

  12. its working with xbox 360 wireless controller?

  13. Do u know what I can do as I'm on the same network and I can't find my Xbox one. I tried using my IP address but that won't work either.

  14. Does it work if the Xbox is off

  15. Streaming doesn't connect :(

  16. Does my XBox One has to be turned on for this to work?

  17. Could you use any controller? Could you use a key board and mouse or a high performance steering wheel? Interesting.

  18. It didn't show the connect button for me 

  19. i dont see xbox preview dashboard in the store

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