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18 Comments on super mario bros hacks

  1. 3.14
    marios not fucking around anymore, he will have blood on his hands

  2. so is it required to suck at the game to record the hack? these players are horrid.

  3. The Super Abe Bros. one would have been a lot funnier if the enemies were wearing top hats and beards as well.

  4. 6:16 mario and luigi had a …pen¡s xD omg

  5. only two of theme are rom hacks the rest are texture packs and two ore just super stupid made

    done like this:

    1. Thake a game and go into the codes

    2. slab mario sprites on the player and some enemys and tiles


  6. What game was "Mario 14" a hack of?

  7. Super Abe Lincoln adventures ?

  8. 8:39 was totally fucked up

  9. What's the game called at 10:40?Not the Mario hack, the real game.

  10. If you want to see more of Mario hacks, click on GeniProg and you will see more of them. 
    Did you ever see a rain of bombs, or Birdo that shoots eggs like a rapid fire gun in SMB2?

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  11. 15:34 I can do that exact thing with three game genie codes.

  12. All but 5 of these are graphics only hacks, and most of them are bad ones. There are so many Mario hacks out there that are way, way better then what's shown here, so I'm quite puzzled as to why you chose these.

  13. There's no doubt that these said "adult content" hacks were made by 5 year olds.

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