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Supercharge Sketchbook on Windows 10

Thanks for watching the video. ???? I love this type of workflow. It feels so good to be able to sit anywhere and quickly and fluidly work and create. So so nice.

Here’s the links

The hotkey tool bar is called Tablet Pro. Http://

The onscreen keypress display is called keypress osd

The ahk script can be accessed in the community assets folder of the Tablet Pro site (subscribe…

9 Comments on Supercharge Sketchbook on Windows 10

  1. HI, thanks for the video, but can you tell us where can we disable the hand drawing in the windows program? cos whenever i touch the screen with my hand it draws and i want to use only the stylus

  2. Great Video! I have the app downloaded and have the mouse on my screen but Ive tried to install your setup a few times but can't seem to get ti. I downloaded both files on the drive but I am unsure how to apply them to app. Suggestions? Thanks!

  3. hey i'd like to ask you, are there perspective tools? to draw in perspective (architecture landscape etc)

  4. I just install free tablet pro version on my surface book 2. but it doesnt works at all, didnt get no mouse icon, and cant get any buttons on side. Instalation tutorial on tablet pro site is out of date. Can anyone explain me how to check if this app works for me before I buy it.

  5. I have been doing extensive research on the Surface Pro from an artists perspective. So far, your content has been most illuminating. I love the way you customize your workflow, it's so unique. I still need a little more convincing, as it will be my first tablet purchase. Keep up the good work !

  6. FYI – there are 2 versions of SketchBook Pro.

    1) Download the Windows desktop version.


    2) Upgrade the version that ships with the computer (some kind of mobile version?)

    One of them has 3D perspective grids and some extra features. And one of them lacks the "Pen Mode" (palm rejection).

    Took me a while to figure out wtf was going on.

  7. Your File Explorer open so slowly just like mine… is it all surface book 2 that has this problem?

  8. Appreciate everything that you do and as a owner of the SP4 really love seeing people create using Surface. It motivates me and gives me ideas. Cheers 🙂

  9. where did you get those onscreen short keys?

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