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Switching from Windows to Mac: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

Moving from PC to Mac and wondering how to get started with ease on Apple’s macOS? In this video, we bring you a complete guide on switching from Windows to Mac.

Read our detailed article:

NTFS for Mac:


Video Walkthrough:

1. Desktop 0:43
2. Finder 01:05
3. Keyboard shortcuts 03:37
4. Trackpad gestures 05:20
5. Spotlight 06:36
6. Closing Apps is not…

40 Comments on Switching from Windows to Mac: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

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  2. Hi, I need a little help with my MacBook Pro 2017. I installed Windows 10 via BootCamp without any problems. But when I reboot the computer, Windows comes as default for some reason. I only use Windows very rarely and want to make MacOS as an absolute priority and only have it launched when I specifically ask it to. Thank you for your help.

  3. Hey does it support ext4?

  4. It is sooo useful. Thank you so much

  5. superb video.. keep it up !!!

  6. LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bhai daat kaha gir gye

  8. You can enable “Type to Siri” from Siri Settings. You can have it on talk or type, but not both I’m afraid.

  9. Amazing! Very helpful

  10. Can u plz tell me how to get MS Office free for mac air 2019 ?

  11. Mac file system is kinda like Linux file system

  12. Great video, thanks!

    To add to this:
    – Control + left/right arrow key to move between desktops
    – The app "Magnet" makes window management a breeze (and is currently free).

  13. how to store/organise files, pictures, videos and others things in Mac, In Pc we have drives (C<D <E) where we keep these files.
    Thanks ..

  14. 'Congratulations on the upgrade'. You're not upgrading at all. Just going from one OS to another. I don't want any fan boy bs from either side. I'm stating a fact here.

  15. 7:03 2nd file down “File saving shit”

  16. Great work. Helps me help my relatives convert. Very well put together!

  17. Windows started giving me trouble after 3 years… I tried to live with it as I was still a student. But I save up and got a MacBook air. As I go on field trip and do high end research work I needed a good laptop. Glad I took it. Thanks for the video

  18. I'm a long-time Windows user. Since frequently using Linux (have similar experience, btw I use Linux Mint), saw if Mac is good for artists, and I feel Mac is so great (great user experience, fast, premium), I'm interested. Sadly, money is the only problem why I can't go to Mac. Since I'm not a hardcore gamer (gamer who seeks for realistic graphic as great as possible) and Apple allows user to multiboot (they also made multiboot easier by making built-in feature called "Bootcamp"), it's not a problem to use Mac as primary computer.

    Anyway, I wannabe an artist. Hope me success (and you too), I can buy a Macbook and enjoy my life.

  19. Thanks a lot for the informative video. I just switched to Macbook from windows, and guess what I was clueless on how to use the even basic functions of it. You are a saviour to me.. And I really appreciate the way you explain things in your videos. You are amazing bro. Thanks a lot.

  20. For the record, windows blows mac out of the water. But unfortunately, in my new job there are only mac computers, so here I am.

  21. I hate to break this to ya brother but very few windows users use shortcut keys.

  22. Most of people saying that it's a downgrade haven't even used macos

  23. Thank you! I'm not switching to a Mac personally, but my new job requires me to use Mac. I guess soon I'll see what all the fuss is about. 🙂

  24. Thank you. This helped. Switching from windows pc to MacBook

  25. brilliant help

  26. It is true that his English is not that welcome for someone who doesnt speak english but these tips are really helpful.

    Love this video.

  27. Windows is trash. Always freezing and have to restart. Plus windows gets all kinds of nasty viruses

  28. Very helpful and summarized! Thank you kindly! ????

  29. Upgrade? A mac is not an upgrade. I’m here cuz I’m tryna figure out how the fuck to use my boyfriend’s laptop

  30. Thanks for explaining some very basic helpful items. ????

  31. speaking slowly is a suggestion along with slowing the pace please

  32. Thank you so much! You’ve taught me a lot.

  33. Excellent video! 🙂

  34. You pretty much talked me out of getting a mac as the basis io experience looks overly complicated – multiple key combinations for simple functions, that will drive me nuts. Even Linux does a better job.

  35. Nicely explained

  36. even the way the windows lover writte a comment shows me, not to go with windows. windows lover = short and stupid comment without explaining, and on the other hand the mac lover who explaine their acting with mac and why it make sense to use mac. just look the comment volks! ur chooise

  37. So red and yellow button are the same ?

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