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Switching from Windows to Mac? The ONLY 10 tips you need to know

If you’re going from Windows to Mac – even if you made the switch long ago – you need these basic and pro tips. After 16 years helping people make the jump, I’ve identified the top stumbling blocks and inefficiencies people run into. Here they are all in one simple video. Everything from right click to file explorer to uninstalling programs and more… in the most efficient way possible.

#10 |0:23| Where’s my right click?
#9 |01:25| Closing programs with the “X”
#8 |02:34| Alt-Tab…

42 Comments on Switching from Windows to Mac? The ONLY 10 tips you need to know

  1. Im thinking of getting a macbook air and use microsoft office to write essays and complete my assignment with it. But the thing is, im afraid most of my classmates will be using Windows instead. I've heard that if u transfer docs from mac to win or vice verse. it will mess up the docs, the format. Help please 🙁

  2. So where's the Command Prompt?

  3. To further customize via the Terminal:

  4. iMac is perfect for a four-year-old to GROW UP into IOS or someone who is totally COMPUTER ILLITERATE.

  5. No tips required! It's like moving from Hell to a livable space. I didn't say Heaven. Linux Deepin is pretty close, though. Chrome OS is the sliver that separates Hell from Heaven.

  6. i have a mac but alot of the things in favourites in finder he has, i don't….? Does it have to do with the fact that my macbook is brand new or…? Can somebody help me with this?

  7. I want to thank you for your very nice presentation and details information.

  8. Great video, thank you! I was about to return the MacBook because I was so irritated by the Finder. You cleared up all my issues.

  9. Thanks heaps Sir. You are a champion.

  10. File Explorer is the the thing I will never want back. I used to miss it, but now that I’ve had a Mac for a while, I DO NOT want to switch back. The file explorer is too confusing to me, I have to go through every tab to try and find the file I just downloaded from the web. And when I can’t find a file, I search for it but the search takes WAY too long. Where as on the Mac, it only takes a couple seconds. This is just my opinion, I guess other people can miss it.

  11. Great video and the tips were very helpful

  12. MacOS is not absolute crap contrary to what every sensible people say.
    Windows is objectively better
    Apple pruducks suck

  13. Love your video. Makes this simple and understanding. Thank you

  14. I left Apple, their Mac products are just of poor quality. Which is sad because their iOS devices are great!

  15. Thanks! I didnt know most of them. Also, for the applications you can use launchpad

  16. After reading that Safari is the fastest browser, I gave it a good try. Now it's my main browser. Well worth the effort and time invested to learn its features and functions.

  17. Wow, this is actually legit, great video

  18. I use Windows and Ubuntu interchangeably all my life. Never really used Mac OS until the start of this month due to my job. Ubuntu/Linux is very similar cosmetically and function-wise to Mac OS. So switching from Windows to Mac OS was quite smooth for me. Mac OS is slightly smoother, I feel, maybe because Apple made both the hardware and software to work tightly.

  19. Thanks for additional 2 years! :))

  20. What is the best option? A smaller screen or larger? For example a 13" or 15" ? I see people mostly have the smaller Apple laptops. Is there a reason for that?

  21. Thank you – this video really got me started. After forcing myself to work 6 months exclusively on Mac, I am no longer missing anything I had on Windows (but it did not feel like that at all during the first 3 months). So whoever reads this: don't give up quickly!

  22. Thank you for customizing my Finder the most! 😀

  23. Good tips! Thanks for the video.

  24. I ditched Safari on Day One and installed Google Chrome. I'm really missing the Back key. For example, clicking on a link and then wanting to get right back to the web page I just left. I really miss the full keyboard I had using Linux and Windows. I'm finding the Mac key shortcuts and learning to do Mac finger Yoga and finger Twister. LOL

    The "Back" key Mac equivalent, please, anyone? Thanks in advance!! Googling it I've not found it yet.

    Can I do in-place deleting like the Del key does when not in Insert mode? For example, on a full-size keyboard the Ins key is a toggle between Insert mode and Over-write mode. In over-write mode the cursor doesn't move when you press Del. Instead, the text is pulled in from the right and deleted a character at a time as the cursor remains "in-place", AKA "in-place editing".

  25. Tip #1–Go back to PC

  26. Old dog /new job pc to apple. Thank you and tomorrow I am going to work and muddle through this video until I get it ingrained Thanks Thanks Thanks

  27. excellent now im a new user of imac 27" theres one thing i cannot get working on mountain lion facetime there is no where to sign in when first opened so sir can you help please

  28. I’ve used a Mac in school library and radio station club, and yes the spinning rainbow beach ball was the epitome of my insanity. I wanted to throw the god damn thing out the window, but the radio station had no windows. In retrospect, I can clearly see why.

  29. My homework is …… get pathway to show up on the finder view menu, some options are not present for me, looking into it, thanks

  30. Thanks you, windows user since birth but recently swapped to Mac.

  31. Might be a great video…but I can't share it with my fellow teaching colleagues because you start off with a *bleep*. Bummer. I don't want to loose my job at a Catholic school. Sorry.

  32. Hi, can I ask, is there a way to get that Alt+Tab functionality on a MacBook Pro? I really need a shortcut that would enable me to alternate between open windows, not just apps, e.g., I need to be able to alternate between draft emails in outlook. Great video by the way, really concise, loved it!

  33. after watching a dozen of win->mac tutorial videos on youtube, THIS video is by far the most convenient and easy-to-learn for me. thanks macinhome!

  34. Just got my first macbook pro today, had an hp for a while and it wasn’t the best. thanks for this video though it was really helpful!

  35. I cant hit delete and delete an image but I can right click on it and move to trash . , Im new to MAC but isn't that stupid ? or there is sth I don't know .

  36. Mac user for more than a decade and never took the time to figure some of this out. THANK YOU!!!

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