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TeamViewer – Remote Control Any Computer [Tutorial]

This video tutorial shows you step by step how to install and use TeamViewer to remote control another computer running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone, iPad), and Android.

19 Comments on TeamViewer – Remote Control Any Computer [Tutorial]

  1. thanks aloooot it work very well :D

  2. Why do callers lie and say they are from Microsoft and want you to install this on my machine?

  3. Does teamviewer work in offline like in LAN connectionseg. 10 PC have teamviewer installed and when i share 1 file from 1 PC it should recieve on all 9 PC's?

  4. Do you need team viewer?? Easy download here
    latest version enjoy forever …………

  5. Could I control my dad's PC if he was at work which is around 3 miles away from home? or does it have to be on the same network

  6. very helpful and informative tutorial

  7. super help full………thanks

  8. If someone calls you with an indian accent or something and says that theres something wrong with your computer, either hang up, or troll the crap out of them. They will ask you to download this, but if you do, change the side of control or whatever it is that allows you to control their computer and delete their system32.

  9. Very usefull tutorial.Thank you

  10. Good instructional video. I will be using this to help an elderly family member. Is it possible that their computer could transmit a virus, or other malware to my computer? I read that within TeamViewer is an option that allows the computer I am connected to control my computer. I am thinking that if that is turned 'off' then transfer of malware should not be possible.

  11. what are the gauges on the right hand of his screen called? For CPU Drives and Network

  12. Good tutorial.  However this is typical of the instructor literally READING the instruction.  This happens alot.  The voice falls off end of sentences.  Reads faster than speaks.  Not as easy to understand.

  13. Thank you are the best steveirwin

  14. the video as such is good but the person who gives the instructions is swallowing the words. Very difficult to understand.This is comments from a professional;l company training manager.

  15. Helpful stuff. Thanks :)

  16. thank you for this very informative tutorial you covered everything and have made it very easy to use 

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