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Ten “windows 10” tips and tricks you should know (Bangla)

Today i’m gonna talk about ten “windows 10” tips and tricks that might help you to use “windows 10” smoothly. some of these tricks and tips you can use also in previous windows version (windows 7, windows 8). so you should see the full video.

List of tips & tricks that i discuss in this video:

1. shake minimize
2. extend right click
3. multi tasking
4. used storage check
5. user name change
6. mouse scroll without selection
7. open task-bar shortcuts with keyboard shortcuts
8. start…

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4 Comments on Ten “windows 10” tips and tricks you should know (Bangla)

  1. কোন সফটওয়্যার ছাড়াই আপনার Desktop/Laptop এর যেকোনো Folder কে LOCK/UNLOCK করুন নিমিষেই।

  2. vai shak korle to onno window minimize hosse na. Ans plze. or phone number den

  3. via ami amr laptop dia km player dia kono video player korte persi na….akhon ki korbo plz…

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