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Terraria Mods – How To Hack Terraria 1.3 – INFINITE MINIONS, SPAWN ITEMS, MONSTERS & MUCH MORE!

Welcome to How To Hack Terraria 1.3! In this video I will be showing you guys how to use the mod TerrariaPatcher which allows you to have infinite minions, spawn monsters, spawn items, godmode, unlimited buffs, one hit kill, change time & Much More!
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Terraria 1.3 Mods – TerrariaPatcher

It’s fairly easy to mod Terraria by…

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43 Comments on Terraria Mods – How To Hack Terraria 1.3 – INFINITE MINIONS, SPAWN ITEMS, MONSTERS & MUCH MORE!

  1. I still can't get it to work 🙁

  2. this works perfectly for me

  3. there we go I fixed my problem

  4. im going to try to find it XD

  5. wheres the god mode i cant find it XD

  6. This seems pretty legit…

  7. Terrariahelp you got so lucky

  8. It wont let me click anything.Whyyyyyy?

  9. can you purify the whole world?

  10. I love this thnx man


  12. Lo you can put max minions OVER 9000%

  13. Lol i lost a good item and i want in back

  14. Can we do it without steam? please reply to me

  15. Can this work on android

  16. this did work for me so i don't know what the problem is with the hack for you guys

  17. can i get a girl friend with this

  18. but i made the folder

  19. when i try to copy the stuff into a folder it says i need administrator permission to change the folder

  20. PS4 myself I wish I had a PC????????????

  21. it said my terrraria/plugins folder is missing pls make a vid for it called hack fix

  22. how make the super fast sniper rifle

  23. I literally felt a cold chill go up my spine and it feels like cold ketchup

  24. i dont get rid of the hax hod do i do?

  25. Does this work with newer versions?

  26. I don't know how he is not getting named for uploading this into the iternet

  27. I already have hacks but ill try it out

  28. How do u do it on mac

  29. when i try to do it, it says an error has occurred, you possible have already patched this exe, or it is an incompatible version.

  30. wheres the plugins document?


  32. I don't have winzip ????????????

  33. How and what button do I press to toggle numpad1? To summon the lunar event

  34. If you get a thing saying “launch game in stream client” which you did but didn’t work then you reversed the mod meaning removing it from stream it will stay their. What I did was to unstall it then installed it then put my backup files back in.

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