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Terry Cutler | How to know if your PC or Webcam has been hacked

Give me 4 minutes and I’ll tell you if you’ve been hacked.

How to find if someone hacked your computer

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46 Comments on Terry Cutler | How to know if your PC or Webcam has been hacked

  1. Just got a notif saying that I could have 3 people viewing through my fucking camera. Am petrified

  2. There is a guy whom I do know has hacked all my devices in my home. He can hear and see me and my children in real time. He also can see all text messages in real time before I send them off. I've move two times. One time to another state he traveled here a week ago and bust my Windows. I can't do anything. He turns my GPS on and off daily. He hears everything I say. We went to course and he was found not guilty. I'm convinced he'll hurt myself or my children. I hopeless I think he's trying to get me to kill myself before he does. Can someone help me please??? ????

  3. Can iMac be hacked

  4. I had serveal Emails all ruined

    by one company

    Google I've created over 25 emails all were locked

    I type in my password Google says its wrong

    after spending hours verifying who I am Google says We'll get in contact with you in 3-5 days

    after waiting 5 days They say The Account Could Not Be Verifyed SO WTF DO I DO?!?

    This process of creatinng a new email every month or so is getting old
    I know serveal people who had the same problem and called Google's 1-800 number and google walked them though the same reset password steps I did after it said we cant verify the account the tech people didnt know what to do…

    Edit: trying to past this comment kept saying UNKNOWN ERROR

  5. Helpful short video!

  6. Honestly I’m so paranoid about this I take a piece of black duck tape and fold it over then tape that to my computers camera so no one can see anything

  7. i lost both my parents at that time in my life and I know he was watching me on my webcam, im a person that stays on their pc.. It just discuss me to think he was watching me all along.. Makes me so sick I want to vomit

  8. i sent my pc to a local guy that programs pcs, Im positive he is in my pc.. i took it some where else and they cleaned it out not long after I could tell something was going on with it, i know the exact date , come to find out all that was wrong with mine, (it was brand new) it was locked on the screen and I didnt know you just had to turn it off and back on for it to be ok, but he kept it about a week " supposedly" working on it…I went into setting and disable a bunch of remote settings, one day i was sitting there and all at once on my screen his face from facebook popped upon my screen calling me.. I sit there for a minute so i thought i would message him and ask if he called my computor, he said, if i did it was a mistake.. I have been in my event log yesterday and there are a different computor name listed , which i thought was strange and this is the time he had it..PLEASE HELP ME, I REALLY WANT TO TAKE IT TO THE POLICE, I really feel no matter what i do he can still get in it…can you help me?

  9. I'm sorry but I had a problem hearing you. You talk too fast for us older folk.

  10. Wow I am not sure if I should be worried about hackers or this guy and his don't be scared be very scared and for a fee we can put it right video.

  11. I had an old huawei phone it was laying on my bed one night and it randomly started playing Mexican music for a split second then it stopped and never did it again????

  12. So I was on roblox and the computer and the light next to the camera turned on and I put sticky notes on the camera and the light is still on and I’m still on roblox help edit: wait never mind I opened FaceTime on accident and forgot and put roblox so I couldn’t see the FaceTime but I exited out FaceTime and the light turned off PHEW I WAS TERRIFIED

  13. What is listening

  14. 2:15 Just press Ctrl + Shift + Escape to open the Task Manager

  15. Thanks Terry, for the informative video, and for the transcript afterward. I like videos with transcripts since it makes finding specific info quick and easy. Thanks again.

  16. Is it possible that somebody hack my laptop troght the Gmail?

  17. I was currently using the default windows anti-virus but soon switched to Kaspersky premium trial(antivirus)and within a few minutes, it told me that Windows hosts are using the webcam, what does that mean?

  18. Hi im on latest win10 1803 october updates when i right click and do task manager it never open , even tried ctrl +alt+del it never comes up i had to search then right click run as admin then it will open ? now how do i make it open everytime is this a virus ?

  19. is it possible someone to see what is happening from my camera if its not showing me its turned on ?

  20. I found PID 9032 connections but there is no application with that PID. Is my PC compromised?

  21. how to block them with out useing tape

  22. I couldn't find the task manager. I tried ctrl delete and nothimg came up

  23. So someone have my IP address and he told me it what do I do

  24. hmm smart phones can be hack as well..i would like to know how to do?

  25. lmao my svhost hacked it self xdddd

  26. Could location services turning on randomly be a sign as well?

  27. What does it means when with "another account" Pc says that someone is still using this pc and this may result in loss of unsaved work or something i hope you get it
    Can you tell me is this the warning that I'm being hacked or is this just because of the "another user account"
    Please help!!

  28. I like potatoes

  29. MANY THANKS, I AM BEING HACKED PERMANENTLY, including abuse of my WEBCAM, everytime! &

  30. my computer said "Hi Gian, I see you" while my computer is hibernating. Is it cortana or is it a hacker who knows my name by hacking to my computer

  31. When I run CMD and run netstat -ano and compare the pid's from CMD and the ones in Task manager I see some PID numbers that are in my CMD that are not in my task manager.
    What does that mean?

  32. I really wanna know what your talking about just follwed what you said , them my video cam turned again, it creeps me out again…

  33. Hey Terry Culter what happen if it say Established the number is not on my task manager

  34. how do you check a macbook pro?

  35. Someone was watching my throw my webcam all this time that's freaking creepy i've hide the webcam with some ducktape and i'm hoping you can help me out and stop this hacker .

  36. I’m getting hacked and I’m getting phone calls from fake Microsoft and my computer RUNS SO SLOWWWW! Please help

  37. is it possible to do the same on your mobie phone
    great video ..however that is a lot of PIDs to check through 🙁

  38. well shit my computer is hacked time to get a ipad pro

  39. Terry try deliberately hacking your web cam so you can show us what it would actually look like when you do the search?

  40. Explorer.exe….established .is dat a problem sir?

  41. Hello terry , actually yesterday my laptop just got hacked by someone . I dont know who but he control my laptop . So it shocked me and i immediately off my laptop . How can i do to stop him from hcking my lptop . He also send message to me using some kind of program . How do i stop this ?

  42. I was just uaing the computer and someone moved my mouse. I tried this method but he still has access to my pc what do i do?

  43. Beware of scammers i have been scammed 3 times because i was trying to know if my husband was cheating until i met this hacker named; ( who helped me hack into my spouse phone for real this great hacker hacked into my spouse whats-app messages,Facebook messages.text messages,call logs,deleted text messages and many more i was impressed with his job and he brought me results under 24 hours believe me he is real and his services are cheap and affordable.

  44. On my computer I had people down

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