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The Beginner's Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint

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Learn everything you need to know to get started using Microsoft PowerPoint! You’ll learn all the basics plus more, including: how to choose a design theme, add text and pictures to a slide, adding new slides, animating items, and more. #powerpoint
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31 Comments on The Beginner's Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. I'm trying to submit my assignment as a PowerPoint, but it only has the PDF option. There's no export option either ????

  2. Thank you for making it a piece of cake for learners like me, May God bless you. Subscribed.

  3. thank you so much….. GOD BLESS U

  4. Thank you sir……

  5. I've done this in school and I just needed a video to remember. This was great , I'm glad i already knew everything as you walked through it????

  6. Brilliantly simple …..thanks

  7. bro u saved me 40 marks

  8. exactly what I was looking for

  9. thanks for the Tutorial

  10. You missed activity.

  11. Great video! Thanks for your help!

  12. thank you! I have to do a powerpoint project on Lab Safety and it's due tomorrow, my dad is letting me do it on my own cuz he doesn't know how to use PowerPoint well, so this will help me! 😀

  13. Thank you, good presentation.

  14. That is the best video I've ever watched. Now I know how to use PowerPoint.
    Good luck for you. This is Mahmoud from Egypt

  15. Thank you sossosososo much zi realy needed this for my grade 5 project now I feel like that I am way better then the best student in my class I. Learned so much

  16. Excellent I’m complete beginner very easy to follow thank you

  17. Thank you for teaching me (all of us) on how to use powerpoint it helps me to do it our TLE class… ????

  18. This was a life saver for me! I have to do a presentation but I've never used PP before. Now I don't feel so clueless. 🙂 Thank you so much!

  19. Great tutorial my first time to try, have one question for you in the insert bar i don't have online pictures i have 2010 version thanks for making this video

  20. Thanks a lot! This video teached me a lot more about powerpoint.

  21. I learned a lot, thanks!

  22. thank you sir.
    from Bangladesh

  23. The way how you explained and delivered the info. in this video is awesome , easy to under stand
    for any level , you take us step by step, explained the function of each one to get the most of this program
    thank you

  24. Thanks very nice presentation , can we put background music to our presentation.

  25. Excellent presentation! You made so simple and easy. Thank you

  26. thank you so much from morocoo

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