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The Best Place To Mount Your Smartphone In Your Car? Car Mount Review 2017

Get the best car mount for the right location. 5 places to your mount your smartphone and the best mounts for each location!

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Cup Holder Mount – Gear Beast – (WHY?)
Dash mount – iOttie –
Dash mount – RAM Mount –
Vent Mount – iFace –
Console – Nite Ize –

*Non-US viewers will need to go through my site for the right Amazon links

24+ Case…

41 Comments on The Best Place To Mount Your Smartphone In Your Car? Car Mount Review 2017

  1. Why manual transmission? YEET!

  2. Putting it on the windshield Is so obstructing to the view, is it even legal?

  3. I Purchase this amazing mounts :

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    for 20 % off for purchase .

  4. This is really cool:D I found this article on top 10 car phone holders very useful helps deciding before buying

  5. Suction mounts do not stick. I have a plastic cover on my phone. So magnetic won't work, unless I take my cover off. Pain in the ass. Don't they have something that will attach to the visor?

  6. An amazing video, thank you!!!

  7. Hi, Thanks for your reviews, Have you done any reviews on the "Olixar Magnetic CD Slot Mount Universal Smartphone Car Holder" and what do you think of it ? [i don't use my CD player anymore anyway] I need a mount for my 0ne plus 3t and don't want the mount to get into the way of the cables i usually have to connect to it !

  8. Not enough phone mounts, needs more.

  9. How about if your airbags are activated during a accident?

  10. Thanks Aaron for the LOCATION – based review. I haven't found a better review online about pros/cons of where to mount a phone. I was expecting somewhere, at least on one of the regular tech websites, somebody drew a diagram with mounting locations and pros/cons…doesn't seem to have happened yet. Couldn't find anything more perfect than this review of yours.

  11. I had multiple vent mounts. One broke my vent on one car. Another scratched up my vents and the trim on a new car as the rubber wore out. Gave up on them.

  12. it is my first time watching and im subscribing ????????

  13. Very informative!

  14. I have watched many of your videos and think the overall quality and information you present is top-notch; and nice to see some good Canadian content eh!

    In this video I have to point out a glaring problem with some of your mount locations, specifically because of Ontario laws so it may not be relevant to people on other provinces and/or the US. (*FYI….I would suggest that anyone considering mounting any device under the rear-view mirror or on the windshield above the central dash area, to check with local laws regarding this obstruction.) You have stated that you don't "like" this area on your vehicle because it may block your view of a pedestrian which is good; however, the laws are fairly clear about it and they don't care if someone likes the area or not. You are not allowed to mount in this area if it causes an obstruction of your view – period. Granted, it would appear that the police are not doing much, if anything, to enforce this, but there IS an existing law/legislation out there.

    * OHTA Section 73(1) "no person shall drive a motor vehicle upon a highway, with any sign, poster or other non-transparent material or object placed on the windshield or on any window of such motor vehicle; or with any object placed in, hung on or attached to the motor vehicle, in a manner that will obstruct the driver's view of the highway or any intersecting highway."

    Just wanted to point that out for you and anyone else looking at this option.  Of course I have to say that this is obviously not that big of an issue for the police; given that your video has been posted for almost 3 years and it would appear I m the only person to point this out. Yes, I did consider not posting anything as it sure looks like a waste of my time to do so and no one is enforcing this specific law; but hey….I am Canadian as well and aren't we supposed to do the "nice thing" all the time?? 🙂

    Keep up the GREAT work you do!  You really do have some great content! Cheers.

  15. Why you have to drive around man just park and show us

  16. Looking for a mount for my iPhone for car vlogs lol so I’m so happy to find your video! So helpful!!!

  17. I use two ram-mount suction cups, two short ram-mount arms, one ram-mount T with three ball ends and one longer Ram-Mount arm connected to the X mount. It sits directly below my rear view mirror. The suction mounts are hidden behind the mirror. I use an app on my phone and utilize my phone as a dash cam.

  18. Too many options….plus I don’t have my car yet

  19. We actually created a high quality sticky mat that was funded on Kickstarter a while ago. You can also use it to stick your phone to your dashboard and it's a lot more flexible than all these arms. Ant it is also a lot better quality than these 1$ trashy mats. You can check it out here:

  20. My phone is in my console holder while I'm PAYING ATTENTION TO MY DRIVING.

  21. Cell Phone Holder for Car – FITFORT Universal Silicone Anti-Slip Car Phone Mount GPS Holder Mounting in Vehicles Pickup Compatible Phone X 8 7 Plus, Note 8 Galaxy S9 S8Plus

  22. Some good point but you may want to let people know that in a lot of places it's illegal to place any thing on your windscreen that blocks your view…

  23. Great work….I've now decided which one is right for me. Thanks !

  24. Nice review – bottom line is that there is no good place to mount – only a less bad place! Good video. Well done! ????????

  25. a great presenter. good job.

  26. anyone have the link for that blue wire mount for ac vents?

  27. Great video man. Well done.

  28. Well made and well thought out review(s). Thank you!

  29. "Beer time, it's time for beer time. I'm going home and drinking beer!"

  30. Ok your my kind of guy! Subscribed!

  31. So what's the best magnetic one besides the one that blocks the air vents ???

  32. Excellent, to the point, concise. You don't waste time, cover the entire spectrum, deliberate over the pros and cons, and deliver a succinct conclusion. Kudos to you Sir.

  33. if your using a wireless charger at home, The metal disk you have to install on your phone for a magnetic car mount will interfere with charging.

  34. where is this 45 weeks snowy place???

  35. Try Best mounts I've found. You tell them the type of car you have and you see mounting solutions. You then pick the phone holder based on what kind of phone you have. No suction cups, no adhesives, mounts to the car without leaving marks.

  36. Holy shit man get a short shifter or something man just fix that sloppy shit.

  37. I have a galaxy s7 edge and bought a mount from a local store that had a magnetic insert for the back of the phone, and it couldn't even hold my phone up. the magnet was so weak the phone pretty much fell off the mount. so i'm really skeptical about which one to buy

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