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The Best Web Browser? (2015)

Chrome vs Firefox vs Opera vs Safari vs Internet Explorer: what’s your pick?

There are lots of browsers to choose from but which should you be using? In this video I compare Google Chrome 40, Mozilla Firefox 35, Opera 27, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Project Spartan in Windows 10 and Apple Safari 8.

For testing I used a 2013 11″ MacBook Air running Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 and a custom PC with…

20 Comments on The Best Web Browser? (2015)

  1. im inclined to think there is no perfect web browser. ive found some work better on certain sites than others. for me, opera works better on youtube than firefox but firefox does better on other sites than opera. my quest to find the perfect browser is never ending.

  2. My friend uses IE. He wanted me to help him install Minecraft mods. I got Firefox first, then the mods.

  3. Doesnt Mozilla own JS how is firefox losing that benchmark

  4. i use internet explorer it literally took me 30 minutes to open google HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

  5. I hardly EVER use IE. I use Chrome and Firefox, but I just tried Opera which is why I am at the vid. It took me a bit to understand where settings were, etc….but now that I've been using it, it's GREAT. I was having problems with flash on chrome after trying EVERY suggestion online. Firefox is fine with flash, but I wanted to see how Opera was. Things seem a little smoother and faster on opera once I installed adblock/ and all the things I use…….

  6. What is the BEST visual rendering ?

  7. I'm surprised that Safari did so poorly.

  8. i dunno i use yandex i tried ever fucking browser AND ITS STILL NOT PERFECT

  9. Opera! The most clean browser and fastest!

  10. I have Chromebooks so I use Chrome 🙂 On my netbooks running Linux I use Firefox and Chrome :)

  11. I personally use chrome and have replaced and hidden safari on my phone and installed a tweak so anything I open is straight routed to chrome ?

  12. I always used google chrome, UNTIL i opened a aplication that was included in windows 8.1 MAXTHON CLOUD BROWSER I tried it and i loved it inmediatily, it's start up is 3 times faster than google chrome, and uses half the memory google chrome does.

  13. If I'm recording I use Chrome but if I'm craving a unity game, Firefox.

  14. Microsoft Edge or Opera are the best

  15. I like Safari in some ways, like iCloud syncing, but it gives me a lot of trouble with some sites and is slow. So I use Google Chrome.

  16. Not chrome but Google not Google chrome

  17. I am supposed to able to right click and get a context menu in opera that let me customize it. Right-clicking does nothing.
    Thanks for any help.

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