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The easiest way to bypass Windows 8 admin password when locked out

Forgot Windows 8 admin password or Windows 8 computer locked? Don’t panic, this video tells you the easiest way to bypass Windows 8 login password. If you lost password, you can follow this video.
In addition, you also can follow this text tutorial:

19 Comments on The easiest way to bypass Windows 8 admin password when locked out

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  3. don't be dumb this isn't how you bypass passwords

  4. THIS methods is not working at my laptop my windows is 8.1 but  this i am downlaod on windows 7 proffesion  www.windowspasswordsrecovery.c… can u help how can i unlock my password

  5. You left out the MAIN STEP…. how do you change the boot sequence? What command or steps do you need to preform and how do you do it without a keyboard?

    Thank you.

  6. Learn How You Can Safely Reset Any Windows®

  7. This tutorial is usless. In the video they download the trial version but then they use the professional version to put the program into the usb. The trial version does not work at all. I burned the program into a cd and ran it. When you get the the part where you choose your user name the program gives you a message to buy the full version if you want to unlock your computer. Unless you buy the program or know a working serial number you can't unlock the computer.

  8. You can't use the usb option unless you pay. 

  9. how stupid you can't download when locked out

  10. Por que rensar chast cuenta

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