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The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Glitches – Son Of A Glitch – Episode 30

In this Episode, we take an extensive look at some of the Glitches and Tricks in The Wind Waker HD for Wii U, in the longest Son Of A Glitch to date. If a glitch you know of in the Wind Waker isn’t here in this episode, it’s because it was either patched in the HD ver. or somehow I didn’t find out about it.

The Wind Waker HD Glitches –

1. Zombie Hover 0:27
2. Roll Clipping 1:31
3. Pig Glitches 2:26
4. Windfall Island Glitches (Theme, Statue, Random Fall Through Windfall) 3:20
5. Dragon…

19 Comments on The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Glitches – Son Of A Glitch – Episode 30

  1. There's a useless glitch wear if you drop a sword between the Link statue and railing of Hyrule castle, it will shutter around and make an annoying noise.

  2. So many speedrunning tricks

  3. Or you can just play the actual game like it was made for

  4. 5:57 or you can just google it…

  5. That last glitch happened to me on my first playthrough…
    Watch me get rekt by it on my channel

  6. Hey cabanas never lock in the woods open

  7. are your left and right mixed up?

  8. A+Start u son of a bitch

  9. Great video! Subscribed

  10. 20:00 Ganondorf is a chicken,just look

  11. ? 27:42 you childish person Andy.

  12. Omg That last glitch was funny.
    "Now we can see Link as a Princess :D"

  13. hey What was the point it's wind waker in HD! do not get me wrong the game is great but ….. did they get a rid of the glitches no

  14. It seems that you do finish the game, actually. I've never played it, but I've seen enough to know that Ganondorf is definitely not getting the Triforce.

  15. I can't get the l-slide to work :/

  16. which ones work in wind waker for GC because i really want to do these but don't have HD

  17. I realize this video is old, but I was also able to get the duplicate statue glitch at Windfall to work in the schoolroom by standing on the stage from the side facing the door. Link is pushed off when he places the totem.

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