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Tips and tricks How to change Windows 10 32 bits to a 64 bits version

You can change your windows 10 32 bits version to a 64 bits version with a clean install

25 Comments on Tips and tricks How to change Windows 10 32 bits to a 64 bits version

  1. Do you need a usb flash drive for this?

  2. wait but my applications will still ?

  3. "This app cannot run on your pc"
    im capable of running 64 bit

  4. so does this mean i cannot get 64 bit? i have the window 10 on my computer but when i put it to 64 bit then the download is done it just close the tab then i try again still doing that is that normal or something wrong or do i have to restart my computer??

  5. Is there any freaking way to change my 32 bit version to a 64 without delting my files??????

  6. The setup doesn't work for me it say, to find a verison of your pc check your software publishiver

  7. Will it delete my data ??

  8. my laptop have 4gb ram bt its shows 2.66 usable why??? how it can be solve??

  9. how to know if 64bit is capable for my pc?

  10. I want to this but i dont wanna lose my data -_- .. is there a any way to have a x64 platform without losing data? ,, cuz i dont have time to create a backup.

  11. My PC is capable of 64-bit OS. But how to determine that your windows is activated or not?

  12. it says i need 8GB to do it. I keep deleting files and nothing happens. Please help ;-;

  13. after it downloaded i got this error code- 0x80070008-0xA0003 how do i fix?

  14. will it delete all of my file?

  15. will all the program and file that was in the computer still in the new one

  16. well my operating system says : 32bit operating systemx64 based processor..will it capable to upgrade it into 64 bit>?

  17. Wait is this will reset my windows 10?

  18. i keep getting error code 0xC1800103 – 0x90002 what do I do.

  19. hey i can upgrade windows 10 32 bit to windows 10 64 bit?

  20. When I try to select the edition and language to go to the next page for the USB part at 1:56 it's telling me I need 8GB of hard drive and to clear up space with deleting files and won't let me select USB port. I'm using a Acer One and a 8GB USB.

  21. how to know if my computer is capable of 64 bit?

  22. Whats the point of upgrading from 32 bit to 64?

  23. i'm already windows 10

  24. Do i need a activation key? Because i have got on my notebook activated 32-bit windows, and i want to know if i need activation key for install the 64-bit from USB or it will activate automatically from the key that i have on my 32-bit system. Thank you for the answer.

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