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6 Comments on Tips and tricks How to get the screen saver in Windows 10

  1. Where can I get a copy of that beautiful desktop photo you have.  It 's like melted crayons or paints swirled.   The information was most helpful in a few short minutes.  .  I'm very old and need help with    Learn Windows 10 and Computers.  great channel.  your picture drew my eye.  thank you.Please forgive my typing

  2. yeah but how do you download other windoze 10 screen savers?

  3. Click Start button -> Type "screensaver" -> Press "Enter"

  4. sometimes i noticed screen went of eaven though i did not selected to let go screen of after x minutes mine was going of after 6 minutes in screen saver was set to blank so it went of set it to none and hit ok then is back to normal .

  5. hey man, amazing job there 🙂

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