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Top 10 Creepy Mad Max Glitches

Here are some of the funniest and creepiest glitches we’ve found in Mad Max – a fun game but some of these are SO weird!
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Credit For Launch Glitch: [Mattatak]

20 Comments on Top 10 Creepy Mad Max Glitches

  1. humm… why do I have the strange feeling that it's always the same glitches along the top chart?
    still… cool video, bro

  2. Only in Ps4 😉 Played in PC Loved<333 sorry consoles :P

  3. gona buy this game now XD

  4. 2:29 , tornados not a glitch !!!! Trust me I know.

  5. Mad Max is incredibly buggy.

  6. "And that is not a glitch. Thats he's name!" hahaha crying

  7. What about the lost insignia glitch huh?!!!! The fucking glitch which won't let you platinum that fucking game!!!! One of the most annoying glitch in game history!!!!!

  8. This all gliches looks like effect of "mighty duster" or sand storm, just there is no duster or animation of it

  9. what is it whith the spinning ragdolls? xD

  10. I am pretty sure the glitch where some of your opponents disappear is actually the result of the engine. I think it limits the amount of memory allocated to keep it from crashing consoles and they never remove such barriers when it's ported to pc. If they gave us mod support for mad max…

  11. By the way, when he spins it's because he got caught in a dust devil, that's not a glitch, but sometimes the game doesn't load them so they are invisible and it looks random 

  12. careful with the neo talk, nice video man ;P

  13. sometimes when u fail to dodge a car i do a 360 backflip and land it like nothing happen #Mad Glitches

  14. The only bugs I personally encountered are physics based, usually involving me driving the car like a total psychopath. They are more often then not just hilarious.
    But on rare occasion kill me cause I need to die somehow I guess.

  15. i have never experienced any of these glitches… except everyone calls chumbucket cumbucket

  16. Enemy cars have disappeared, the gas cap is gone when fueling car, car randomly gets stuck on invisible objects causing a spinout, max randomly gets hurt or hurled away. these are my bugs for 45 h of playing. Awesome game, and these are the most annoying or obvious bugs iv'e had.

  17. haven't come across a single glitch in pc version and been playing for 36 hours now ^^

  18. Great video! Made me laugh :P

  19. Disappearing warboys and their cars seems to be the most common one. I thought this game was glitch-free literally until today. Still, an awesome game.

  20. "The grace of a ballerina. The agility of a gazelle."

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