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Top 10 Mac Terminal Hacks

here are 10 of my favorite terminal hacks! Pls Subscribe!!!

defaults write devmode YES

ScreenSaver: BG:/System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ -background

Hidden Icons Fade:
defaults write showhidden -bool YES
killall Dock

Increase Dock Magnificaton:
defaults write largesize -int 512

Increase Dock Size:
defaults write…

19 Comments on Top 10 Mac Terminal Hacks

  1. this is not even hacking

  2. you sound like andy milonakis xD

  3. I hope you know that is not hacking

  4. how do you undo the Recent App Stack Hack

  5. its not F4 make sure you use the key that brings you to the dashboard

  6. Can you get a virus from this

  7. People should really learn how to use the terminal, instead of just typing random commands into the text field. Seems as if a lot of people are breaking/removing their Finder from normal view because of their lack of knowledge. 

    FYI; Using the terminal in this manner is sometimes harmful to other applications/programs. I urge those who have little to no knowledge of whats really going on in the background, to first learn how to reset their commands/ remove prompts that have damaged the console. 

  8. it's not hacking tricks 

  9. please help me… My finder is not opening after that quit thing :(

  10. guys my termial is broken how do i fix it.

  11. The screen saver background doesn't work,why?

  12. Hey buddy, This is pretty cool, however, these are more cracking rather than hacking. Hacking is when you can take over another persons computer or invading another person's network, database, computer ETC.

  13. hack phahahahahah 

  14. The dashboard hack didn't work for me.  Please help.  I really want my weather widget.

  15. excuse me. how do you change the name of the things like "Hide" (look at the 3:03 of your video and you will understand)?

  16. why does your desktop look different to a normal mac. please tell me how u do it

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