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Top 10 NEW Hack & Slash Games of 2018

Sometimes in games you just want to swing a sword with not a care in the world. Here are our picks to do just that on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in 2018.
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10- Biomutant
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One

Release Date: TBA 2018

9- Attack on Titan 2

Platform: PS4 Xbox One Switch PC PS Vita

Release Date: March 14 2018

8- Lost Soul Aside

Platform: PC PS4

Release Date: TBA 2018

7- Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS

Platform: PC…

28 Comments on Top 10 NEW Hack & Slash Games of 2018

  1. Lost Soul Aside is still in the works and no release date lol. As of Mid 2019

  2. Wheres devil may cry 2?

  3. When I saw that "Last soul aside " gameplay , i just wanted to play that game before i die. By the way is it coming or not cause dude it's 2019 and will soon end

  4. Hack and slash is anything where the main purpose of the game is hacking and slashing enemies. It doesn't matter what perspective the game is or how much of an emphasis on story or lore the game has. Hack and slash is mainly revolved around its combat. God of War is a hack and slash with an emphasis on story telling. It's still a hack and slash.

  5. Dude stop doing a TOP 10 of multiple plataforms….What's next? doing a top 10 that mix gameboy color with playstation 2 and PC all mix out?

  6. where is WARFRAME at ???

  7. Is the Lost soul aside will release on PC too..or it is an ps4 exclusive ????

  8. where Nier : Automata ?

  9. warriors Orochi looks badass

  10. Which one is the best for playing online with other players ? I would like to do some instances. I play on PS4.

  11. For honor is a hack and slash

  12. Lol, just go learn what an h&s is.

  13. cant wait for them to come out in 2018, oh sorry 2019

  14. It seems like you needed to make a video with the word "hack and slash" on it and then made a list of random games you heard off 😀

  15. god of war not included caz it’s narrative focus? Who said a hack n slash cannot be narrative focus? GOW is not only a hack n slash but also at top of all of this type of games can achieved. You even included dynasty warriors, which only have limited actions elements and weak enemies, but not GOW, which relies all it’s combat on pacing of each attacks and combo.

  16. Half Of those games didn't came out in 2018… And no, Vermintide is Not a Hack N Slash game… not even close

  17. Diablo immortal lol jk

  18. my definition of hack and slash might be incorrect but… what the hell has darksiders to do in there?!
    it's no hack and slash it's basically zelda with apocalyptic setting! >.> all those riddles i hate it so much… i even got motion sick

  19. It's almost like you have no idea what a hack and slash game is -_-

  20. Hack n Slash genre is dead.

  21. by far the worst list of games i have ever seen

  22. biomutant is good i think

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