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Top 10 Windows 8 Tricks – PC Classes Online

Struggling with Windows 8? Here are our top 10 tricks to Windows 8. Produced by PC Classes Online, the first virtual classroom service built for baby boomers.

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26 Comments on Top 10 Windows 8 Tricks – PC Classes Online

  1. i need to know different settings in windows

  2. you cna get the clasic windows menu for free with classic shell don`t need to give 50 dollars

  3. I have a pentium 4 Ht 3.40Ghz windows 8 pro 2.25 Gb of RAM i want to update to 8.1 but i cant by the store or with a disc ? Can someone help me please?!

  4. hey guys dont get scammed and buy something… all you have to do is. the windows button move your mouse to there then right click and it should show up run somewhere in the list

  5. Tip get classic shell srsly

  6. This class was very helpful.   

  7. The Start menu thing is mostly why I want a Windows 7, not a 8.

  8. when I minimized the start page to name a group, right click did nothing, I was not able to name the group….help please,,

  9. Why not Classic Shell? It's free and you can customize it to look like Windows 7,XP,etc.

  10. And luckely for lots of people, The startmenu will be back in Windows 10. [merged with a mini-metroscreen]

  11. I am not able to close apps by clicking on the top left corner…I moved my mouse to the top left corner and I am not able to find open apps the way you mentioned on the tutorial…any suggestions? I loved this tutorial, thanks.  

  12. i knew this way before you guys and im a kid

  13. Its so dumb that windows 8 calls programs apps. Desktop programs are programs… Apps are for mobile devices and macs sigh the confusion that is windows 8, will never get used to it

  14. Is the start menus like winrar to were it says to buy it but you don't have to



  17. Thanks for the great information. It is greatly appreciated.

  18. A start menu for $49? Here's your sign!

  19. Scr€w Stardock, get ClassicShell.. and donate if you want to, I did.

  20. Hi,if you wanna your old start button you can just go to charms bar and go to search and type classic start menu and click on it and click OK

  21. You can download a program called ClassicShell. Its free, you can change how it looks(skin) and all this cool stuff. 🙂 Hope I helped!

  22. Just checked it and it looks fine on this end. Did you make sure your player is playing it in HD?

  23. Check the quality Upload, dude 😉 can't watch it

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