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Top 20 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

This is a look at my favorite features of Windows 10. Windows 10 has been out for some time but multiple updates, including the fall creators update have been released and include several new features. Take a look at these tips and tricks to become more productive and improve the performance of Windows 10.

Use this for the God Mode folder name:

1. Spatial Sound 0:32
2. Steps Recorder 1:07
3. Media Streaming 2:09
4. Quick Assist…

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32 Comments on Top 20 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

  1. Thank you and always wish you progress I have benefited greatly from your wonderful instructions


  3. Thank you. You make it look like easy

  4. Excellent instruction video!! Thanks so much.

  5. how to take screen shots in windows 10 ?

  6. Step recorder was also available in 8.1 lol

  7. I would like to have an icon on my desktop for this so it will be right there when I want to review. It will take me more than one time through to get the hang of it.

  8. Thank you! this was a great EXTREMELY HELPFUL video , I shared it with my hubby too and I subscribed… I will be revisiting it frequently . Thank you

  9. Short, sweet and simple.

  10. window 1903 i cant share network on mobile hotspot

  11. Thank you video was very helpful!!

  12. Great tips amd tricks about windows 10.

  13. I don't have surround sound heaphones, is the spatial tweak any good for normal tereo headphones?

  14. I'm using all your methods but I rather the windows 10 app shortcuts and my apps are now similar to windows 8. How do i restore it back to default where I can pin my apps to the taskbar?

  15. Nice tips but one problem — they are outdated with newer windows 10  updates. Now apps have their own listing in Settings. One thing I would add is to show how to type on the start screen to find that special app and/or command you are looking for or do a web search. In settings, you can type in a search for the item/menu.

  16. Very good training and also very helpfull

  17. A wonderful tutorial and much appreciated. These tips are so helpful especially to new users. Thank you so much.

  18. Straight to the point and very useful. Thumbs up!

  19. Probably is a dumb question but something I'm not sure about. Does 'restoring' my computer delete all the things on my computer until the chosen restore point (eg: photos, videos, word documents, desktop changes (background photos) etc?

  20. Do you do a video on megabit to gigabit speed for laptops Ken

  21. Thank you soo much! I just got my new PC with Windows 10 installed. Not that much familiar yet, been using Windows 7 for several years. =) Your tips here are very useful! Took note and bookmarked it for reference. God Bless!

  22. Fantastic……..G… Thank you….

  23. Very helpful video. Thank you.

  24. Hi! 'God Mode' did not work, any help?

  25. I want you to note that I always enjoy watching your videos may be Excel or windows. Thanks a lot.

  26. Thank you! Very helpful. I will use this info on my Windows 10 laptop.

  27. Thanks and very useful

  28. Why will my bluetooth work on WIN 10……??

  29. great help for my new computer thx

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