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Top 25 Word 2016 Tips and Tricks

These are my top 25 tips and tricks for Microsoft Word 2016. I’ll bet you’ll find some that you did not know existed. Browse through the list and find out how you can become more productive using Word 2016 and Office 365. You may be surprised.

1. Text to Speech 0:24
2. Pin to Open File List 1:07
3. File Open & Repair 1:27
4. Smart Lookup 1:51
5. Filler/Rand Text 2:13
6. Clipboard Multi-Paste 2:43
7. Calculate 3:14
8. Scroll Zoom 3:48
9. Insert Table 4:04
10. Formulas in Tables…

32 Comments on Top 25 Word 2016 Tips and Tricks

  1. This is very helpful to me thank you

  2. Thank you! I learned a lot from this video.

  3. I am still looking for the key strokes to add the dotted line between words if your making up something like a small chart.

  4. Save as PDF, is not as versatile as Export PDF. The export method includes options to include your TOC (from header levels) as Bookmarks in the PDF.

    Format painter is not as good as using Styles.

  5. Really useful, thanks.

  6. Watch the video in 1.25 speed

    You will thank me later 😉

  7. Can you teach us how to make a book cover for word?

  8. Learnt something exciting …thanks

  9. GOD bless you , thank you very much for your kindness and sharing such a informative lesson. THUMBS UP!

  10. Thank you Sele very much for the video. I have used Word for many years, but only needed the basic. My demands have changed, this video will help me become more productive.

  11. Very informative lesson, very easy and helpful, I've enriched my word knowledge, thank you.

  12. Auto correct….!!! Auto insert…

  13. God, blessed you for sharing your wisdom.

  14. really nice thanks

  15. Super nice thanks I'll be teaching my students with theseee

  16. If I have a long document (4 or 5 pages) on Word 2016 and I have a couple of subtitle. On the first page I want to put a link on each subtitle. Can you show me to do it so I don’t have to scroll doun to find the subtitle that I want?

  17. thanks. shrink one page will come in handy. i always have that problem

  18. Thank you. Great help

  19. Excelent not only for beginners or someone who knows some/parts.

  20. Excellent! Gracias from Mexico!!!!

  21. one word. incredible!!

  22. Very Good and helpful Thank you .

  23. how to write check by …… in all pages without having copy paste in same position of all page???

  24. Very heplfull, thank you for this tutorial.

  25. Excellent Tutorial. Concise and easy to follow time-saving tips even for those of us who have used Word for years. Looking forward to viewing your Excel and Outlook videos

  26. Best Tips and Tricks video I have seen so far

  27. Very good tips! Thanks for sharing

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