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Top 5 Best Phones Ever! (Feat. MKBHD)

What’s your pick for the best phone ever?

In this video Marques Brownlee and I count down our top 5 favorite phones of all time. Between groundbreaking phones like the original Motorola DynaTAC that kicked off the cellphone revolution to the original Apple iPhone 2G that redefined what a smartphone was there have been some excellent phones to come out the last few decades.

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20 Comments on Top 5 Best Phones Ever! (Feat. MKBHD)

  1. glad it wasnt all iphones

  2. top 5 mobile devices1Any Apple Device2Any Apple Device3Any Apple Device4Any Apple Device5Any Apple Device

  3. Can The HTC HD2 RUN iOS?

  4. Best: Samsung galaxy S6 active

  5. Ahhh… The Xperia Play was my favorite phone! A phone with a gamepad build in!

  6. number 1 was my first phone :)))

  7. For some reason I felt like the list was incomplete without the Moto Razr V3i. By far the coolest flip phone ever made

  8. Nokia 1100

  9. When I was younger my friend had a Nokia 3310 and it would charge itself! Seriously it did, when we were out and his battery died, he'd leave it for about half an hour, turn it back on and it would have battery life for several more hours

  10. The Best Phones in the World is when Samsung and Android phones are produced each year

  11. The coolest thing in 3310 (besides his endurance) was the snake game, is so simple and still so enjoyable.

  12. 3310 and droid all the way!

  13. I realize that the iPhone changed many things in the smartphone Industry but what about the LG Prada?

  14. Oh and another note though it seems apple may have had their legal time cover it up (the sites/posts taken down) but the iPhone was originally a rip-off of another phone from a not-so well known company. Unfortunately the posts on youtube, and other sites seem to have gotten C&D'd to death (deletion) by apple. -_-

  15. >iPhone
    Get the fuck out.
    Every year you're forced to upgrade or deal with a phone so slow (due to synthetic crippling via software) it's no better than a brick. Every fucking year.

  16. Best was Nokia 8850 (8890 in usa) and 6310i

  17. not thru… nokia 3310 dont have s.saver… 3330 well. 2 mb memory more on 3330.

  18. iPhones are the best!

  19. Motorola RAZR was SUPER popular back in like 06

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