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Top 5 Best Pokemon Fan Games of 2018

So thought id do a Top 5 video for you all today since it has been a while now since the previouse one we had a look at!.


okemon Insurgence


36 Comments on Top 5 Best Pokemon Fan Games of 2018

  1. anyone know cheats for insurgence?

  2. where is pokemon mewyou?

  3. Does anyone know if there is a Pokemon game with a LoZ crossover theme? Just curious.

  4. I miss the ion flute from pokemon alpha and omega, I wish a fangame would bring that back in, although I guess it would be hard to code (The eon flute was like a fly except that you rode Latios or Latias and could go literaly anywhere, not just pokemon centers and encounter flying pokemon and you could even find secret islands with legendaries or pokemon that you could not find anywhere else in the game)

  5. Why are reborn and rejuvenation not on the list

  6. Phoenix Rising is so much fun i cant stop playing it

  7. And why Pokemon Chronicles fangame is not on the list, for example? It has 4 completed regions with all the maps, 809 official pokemon + megas+ alola forms + other kinds of forms and its well madded is 3gen style. And you have 8 heroes to choose and poke follow, trainer follow, etc etc here:

  8. Pokemon uranium is the fucking best

  9. I really want to play a fan game but I already watched the best ones ( Insurgence and Uranium) on YouTube so I know the story so I have to find other games.

  10. This video is very helpful! thanks :3

  11. More interested in fakemon games than pokémon fan games, tbh

  12. Where is pokemon sweet version ?

  13. when i was little there was this pokemon simulator game where you can go into a dungeon and the pokemon auto attack i forgot the name of it do someone maybe know the name?

  14. Online features still work on Uranium, It is just a pain to figure out how to update it.

  15. Uranium still has Wondertrade at least :), i just used it before i watched this

  16. tbh the only fangames i play are like the ones without fan pokemon.
    Like insurgence is my top pokemon fangame.
    like it only has the delta pokemon so its ok.

  17. I played Pokémon Uranium. It really was a fantastic game. I mean, come on! DUNSPARCE GETS AN EVOLUTION! And it's OP as well. But I'm gonna have to check out Phoenix Rising. That looks fun

  18. What bout Pokemon Reborn

  19. im playing a pokemon fan game it is pokemon uranium

  20. What about Pokémon infinite fusions

  21. ik its your opinion and i actually like the choices but imo if he game is only 2 gyms long it cant be the best fan game because there is a good chance it doesnt finish for at least 4 or 5 years where as games like uranium or even reborn are done or almost done

  22. Relic Scraggy has an interesting form.

  23. Insurgence is underated, it’s literially better than most mainstream Pokémon games

  24. Do you use pc to play these

  25. Anyone got a link for Pokemon uranium the one that the site provided doesnt work

  26. How about Pokemon Mega?

  27. i love Pokemon Uranium

  28. pokemon revolution online is an mmorpg pokemon so perfect

  29. What PC emulator should I use for rising phoenix

  30. These are for pc?

  31. Thanks for the list@

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