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Top 5 BEST Pokemon Rom Hacks 2015

Hey Guys!
Today I bring you the top 5 BEST Pokemon ROM Hacks Part – 1
These Are 100% opinionated So If you have another list in your mind make sure to write it down in the comments section

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20 Comments on Top 5 BEST Pokemon Rom Hacks 2015

  1. pokemon zeta/micron is the best

  2. where da hack is light platinum by the way?!

  3. i got stuck twice trying to leave the professors office at the begining of dark rising and had to reload and then just quit


  5. I have beaten all these hacks except sweet not going too :-

  6. sweet version….

  7. Dark rising was kind of shit… :/

  8. You could atleast include a link to them….

  9. you sound like you're saying fokemon

  10. I know I'll sound like a stupid jerk, but when a game has really bad syntax and grammar, it's a huge no for me. idk it sounds childish and stupid, I know, but it's just such a punch in the face for me. same goes for really buggy hacks. I just wish these things didn't bother me cause I really want to play more hacks without feeling so judgey.

  11. Pokemon Resolute is awful. The grammar is atrocious and they just throw you into a ton of battles without access to many items and with the only Pokemon Center residing in the starting town, meaning that if you want to heal your Pokemon, you're going to be going back and forth through the forest until you finally beat all the trainers and grunt members and get to the next town.

  12. u seem like a newer youtuber like me so im going to give you some respect with a sub! cuz I liked this video as well since it gave me some insight on what roms I should get and Pokemon dark rising looks like the most interesting on the list because you said it was really hard and I just beat gen 1 in less then a day yesterday like a piece of cake and all the official Pokemon games are childs play to my knowledge and skill in Pokemon so I really enjoyed your recommendations because im curious to try out this rom hack that is supposedly hard! POKEMON DARK RISING CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! :D

  13. Are there any where you take the role of a Pokemon?!

  14. An Indian badly failing at faking an american accent.

  15. If you have a Nokia Microsoft touch phone, you can download all of these Pokemon games without an emulator, they are all on the App Store of the phone!!

  16. Are there any good Gen 1 only hacks?

  17. Bitch please Pokemon Insurgence. Delta pokemons, all megas even new ones and the history is so awesome

  18. pokemon dark rising won't load on VBA, it's an ips file, is a rom file anyone can link me?

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