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Top 5 Favorite Pokemon Rom Hacks/Hack Games! – KryptonWave

What’s up YouTube?! And welcome to the first installment in the new series I’m bringing to YOU guys on the channel – Top 5/10’s!
This time, we’re gonna be looking at MY Top 5 Favorite Pokemon Rom Hacks of all time! Keep in mind; 2 of the games on this list are not exactly ROM hacks but they are hack games that are god-like! If you guys like the list then leave a like! If you don’t agree with my list, then leave your own top 5 in the comment section down below! Of course, if you want to stick…

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30 Comments on Top 5 Favorite Pokemon Rom Hacks/Hack Games! – KryptonWave

  1. Insurgence is not a rom hack

  2. so many views lucky

  3. all i wanted is a finished one :'( can anybody suggest complete pokemon game?? fan made or hacked any. 🙂 except for pkmn Emerald 2015 which has 650+ pokemons 🙂

  4. so your telling me that flora sky is better than glazed um no its not glazed like the best game ever just saying

  5. pokemon light platinum is the hardest version for me.

  6. pokemon resolute & victory fire

  7. If i did top 5 i would do : 1) Pokémon Dark Rising (all versions) 2) Pokémon Light Platinum 3) Pokémon Ruby Destinies (all versions) 4) Pokémon Mega Power 5) Pokémon Victory Fire

  8. Insurgence was great, or will be when it's finally finished. Better one than that now is Pokemon Uranium, which is complete up until Post-Game.

  9. Pokémon Ethereal Gates and Pokémon Insurgence are not Rom Hacks. They're Fan Games made in Rpg Maker XP. Why does every fucking one of these videos make this mistake?

  10. in blaze black 2 you can get a Luxray with volt tackle………….do i need to say anything more

  11. Can pokemon insurgance run on a mobile device

  12. Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back is nice too 🙂 you should play it ;3

  13. you forgot some games you could of at least put as honorable mentions, outlaw, theta emerald is such a good remake of emerald has all the features from gen 6 and 700 + catchable pokemon including all legendaries, , and pokemon gaia, i cannot wait for it to be finished but it will be amazing !! i don't want to play it until it is complete because i will spoil it and have to play again .

  14. Can you not play Pokemon Ethereal on an Emulator on an IPhone? 🙁

  15. hey there I got free unlimited PokeCoins and PokeBalls using this new method: >>>>>>

  16. You want a thumbs up before I even see your video, go fuck yourself thumbs down ????

  17. Those faggots never complete their hacks.

  18. I wasn't ready for cheren in volt white 2

  19. where is Pokemon glazed?!?

  20. Can u plz tell me the song or noise that starts at :14 and where could i find it? thanks

  21. Ethereal gates is a fan game i thought

  22. Do you know when insurgence will be available on ios/android through the emulators

  23. I want to give insurgence a go but wondering. is it still a file that will play on a gba or ds emulator? or does it run off itself? I only ask as I am looking for rom's to play on my phone will travelling to work

  24. Is ethereal gates complete/updated yet?

  25. How complete is Pokemon Ethereal Gates to this day?

  26. Pokémon advance adventure is where it's at

  27. Give this comment a like if you like CHARIZARD

    Comment down if you prefer BLAZEAKIN

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