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Top 5 PC Gaming Life Hacks!

Ranging from faster Internet Steam Download speeds, better PC gaming performance, to free Gunnars for your monitor, here are my Top 5 PC Gaming Life Hacks that will instantly improve your PC Gaming experience! Links are below!

Dolphin Emulator:

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20 Comments on Top 5 PC Gaming Life Hacks!

  1. time splitters future perfect

  2. What's that game he first showed of the emulator?

  3. I want to upgrade my graphics card this holiday as a treat to myself since I have a base P.O.S desktop computer and cant really enjoy many games in their beauty as im stuck playing most mmo's on low settings but low requirement games like League of Legends on medium-high depending on if i want 50-60+ fps

    Anyone recommend anything i can easily integrate to a standard home pc for a decent-substantial improvement?

  4. ok so i live in pensylvania and i have my steam set to a new yourk server what would be the better server to choose???

  5. wich wifi card did you used?

  6. U dead ? Pls make some vids. I unsubd cuz u dont uplaod

  7. Ireland's in the UK, or Northern Ireland at least.

  8. what a Bunch of BS..

  9. You are a fricking beast man, the Icarus saved me so much money and all these life hacks helped me! I send non-homo love from North-East England! <3

  10. Your intro sounds like "Hellowowwowub welcome"

  11. Dang, and I'm still forced to use 0.75 down 0.5 up internet…I live in america too, New york, so I'm not in some 3rd world country lol. I do live in rural new york though, so it's not uncommon I guess… :P

  12. and also those are good gaming life hacks but those are the ones for newbies.

  13. so if u live in uk, u change it to Ireland or France?

  14. is this good enough for gta 5, csgo, warface etcc… or should i change something?

    Corsair 8GB DDR-1600 Kit (Ram)
    AMD FX-8350 4,0 GHz (CPU)
    ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0 (motherboard)
    Cooler Master B500 (power supply)
    SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 285 2GB OC (graphics card)


  15. Are you alive or dead?

  16. I'm on a budget, but is this a good PC build?

  17. Someone make the Youtube funeral.

  18. Can I run Gta V at 60 fps at medium to high settings:
    i3 4160
    400w psu
    8gb ram
    r9 270x
    1tb hdd

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