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19 Comments on Top 5 Smartphone Life Hacks!

  1. this was horrible

  2. hey man i know off topic but where did u get that hella sweet poster behind ur comp.

  3. that app is so amaziiing

  4. thhhaannkk youuuu sooo muuucch you are thhe best thaanks

  5. whats the name of that computer controlling application

  6. The clap to find app is great thank you!

  7. l really like the flashlight hack 🙂 it really cool

  8. Thanks Zaxper very helpful video!:)

  9. What's the name of that computer controlling application?

  10. Luv your poster man. Hitting the subscribe button 

  11. what is the name of the game u were playing at the end of the video ?!

  12. Dude you are so awesome! Thanks so much

  13. For that airplane mode tip, if you still want to be able to get calls and text then simply turn off hour WiFi and mobile data.
    No need to get so antisocial just to play angry birds without ads.
    Even better would be to use addaway but that works only with rooted android phones. 

  14. Who is the name of the app from pc?? 

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