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Top 5 Ultimate Computer Tricks/Hacks of All Time – Must Watch

Presenting, best of 5 pc or computer life hacks or tricks of 2015-2016. Cool PC tricks ever. All the tricks are computer related and can work on almost any computer.
5 BEST COMPUTER TRICKS episode #2 is out:

The tricks mentioned are:
#1: Airdroid
#2: Youtube videos to gif
#3: Keyboard as a mouse
#4: uTorrent download speed boost
#5: Ask your computer to welcome you.
Video link:


22 Comments on Top 5 Ultimate Computer Tricks/Hacks of All Time – Must Watch

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  8. your video is very good

  9. utorrent you can just replace your ''1'' to fifty, it's better 😉

  10. lesson buddy it also in xender

  11. Be careful entering your ip, you could get DDoS

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  13. how to connecte air droid with pc can u explain???

  14. how to make your computer welcome you when you turn it on, do you have the steps?

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