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Top hacker shows us how it’s done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

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You think your wireless and other technology is safe? From Blue Tooth to automobile remotes, PCs, and “secure” credit cards, Hacker extraordinaire shows how nearly every secure system is vulnerable.

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20 Comments on Top hacker shows us how it’s done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

  1. And so what was the point of this presentation? To show everyone in the digital generation that computers can be hacked? Well thank you Captain Obvious! Without your "expertise" I never would have known that hackers could hack computer-based systems. Whew! I've only been using computers since the 1980s, before the web even existed.

  2. Real hackers dont care in what hes using 🙂

    Malaria problem ? Having laser to target mosquitoes ? 🙂 Awesome ! But if there is a null in the program will the laser attack other insects or things ? How about make a drug just for mosquitoes ? Huh ? Hahaha 😛 that would be a bluff ! 😀 stop mosquitoes from populating and start changing this world with lots of green 🙂

    I really dont know what i am saying but thats all I have got hehehe :-P

  3. this is bullshit it doesn't tell you how to hack

  4. "But we have a cool camera"

  5. This guy looks like Andy Dick

  6. "how it's done" my ass. that's "what's been done" instead. typical hacker.

  7. Good info brain storming ideas of science concepts

  8. I am an expert hacker. I hacked my wife into 7 pieces and stuffed her into a suitcase.

  9. This guy has the same annoying personality trait as every "hacker" I've ever met which is,
    He's far too cocky about his abilities, and he's kind of sleazy.

  10. Guide to look like a bad ass hacker

    1) Open CMD (Command Prompt)
    2)Type color a
    3)Type ipconfig
    4)Type tree
    5)Constantly do tree

    Congrats, you now can join Lizard.

  11. a real hacker would hack the genome of a female mosquito and alter it so that it is sterile and then release millions of them into the wild so that male mosquitoes will mate with the sterile female instead of one that produces offspring. Oh wait… they already did that and the results were an amazing success… now they've got the problem of what to do when you kill off the food source of lots of other species that you don't want to kill off.

    Would be better to hack the genome of the malaria virus and change it so that it can't survive in a human host… but no doubt that will cause some other catastrophe like the results of over-population. So maybe they will hack human dna and release lots of sterile women into the population to marry men…. or have they already done that? conspiracy theory in the making.

    The solution to the problem is the problem… has been since we first planted crops to solve the problem of hunger.

  12. I talked about haking today, i never searched it or look any video of it and today its in my Youtube ?? google is controling us !!!!

  13. he can hack a fart on my dick, pssh rookie

  14. DDT has already solved the problem, stop ban on DDT, the environmental issues from DDT weer complete BS

  15. he can't hack me I have Norton.

  16. this is why I live in the country man, hackers target busy areas like airports/newyork coffee shops, but not old mcdonalds farm.

  17. That many Subs, that many Clicks and 240p REALY?

  18. Great stuff Pablos,funny and scary all at the same time.The work on shooting down mosquito's is awesome,people like to knock Bill gates and others who own zillions of dollars,but many of them put their money into good projects like the mosquitothon and it's totally laudable,it's also funny that PETA have kept quiet about the cruelty to mosquito's because when their wings are shot off they don't die,they can still crawl around I guess,but can they crawl up to the sleeping humans and still bite them? I also like the way Pablo and other hackers make a mockery of so called secure systems because that is what really worries me; those faceless security firms that are answerable to nobody,or so they think, lucky for us,Pablos and co do a worthy job and long may they live,just as long as they stay on our side of the techy fence.

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