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Top league of legends script hack 2015

here are some videos using script

All songs Used can be found here

20 Comments on Top league of legends script hack 2015

  1. Wow that's why this Vayne I was playing with a while back could condemn me so perfectly every time I used a dashing ability…

  2. those dislikes….are hacker…..

  3. whot the fuck care if the script w.e dont be a puss man

  4. bence bu script deil

  5. The kalista is challenger, what do you expect lol. not everyone who is good is scripting

  6. Oriana and lulu buff for Vayne in video 2. Why inpossible?

  7. Well..there is something that called SKILLS

  8. the game of u playing vayne was not scripting ur just bad at hitting skill shots

  9. i was a d1 player in s3 and insane dodges happen (with vayne, mobile adc) but it was very very very rare… sad to watch that people start cheating like that…

  10. Dunno why of the dislikes, these are spot on!

  11. Dats not hacks just play the game and u know it

  12. RoFlexx is just good. As a bronze, some of those were a mix of luck and… let's be honest, since obvious skill shots.

  13. its fun and funny I have a base ult when they recall shoots ulti and bam dead makes them rage quit and wins us the game :)

  14. I script to ruin ppls game and troll them :)

  15. Oh wow, you kid are just some low elo scrub who cant get to higher elo and wants to "bust" better players ??

  16. good dodges happens all the time, good prediction, luck, random(trying to dodge a different skill then he ends up dodging) The windwall from yasou was very consistent, almost robotic perfection.. that one is hard to swallow. If these players dodged skill shots like these more then one time in their last 5 games it is scripted. Good dodges happens all the time, INSANE dodging is very rare.. Have not seen more then a couple in LCS 14-15 season all together.

  17. 9:36 "a normal player"… Really? Xerath skillshots are easy to dodge in my opinion. Predicting, dodging. Especially in silver-gold

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