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Top Windows 10 Features

I believe windows 10 will help everyone come to a single OS. I have huge hopes for windows phones and hope I can text from my desktop.
Windows 10 will come out July 29th!
Minecraft Server:

18 Comments on Top Windows 10 Features

  1. Has the ability to send and receive texts from your Windows 10 PC (presumably with a Windows 10 phone) been confirmed?

  2. So does this mean that they will let us keep the OS or is it a trial type thing and after the trial is over they will make us pay for the full version

  3. I'm happy there combining 7 and 8 but I'm gonna miss the traditional Windows 7 OS. I already reserved it on my computer so nothing I can do.

  4. When Will You Open Your Server?

  5. Another great video. Although there isn't an abundance of information out there on Microsoft HoloLens, you should make video going over your initial thoughts and expectations.

  6. What happen to the server

  7. What about updating the spirit world server to 1.8.6? That would be great

  8. sup dudes go to his server epic you should go look at his vid go now

  9. When are you going to do more edits?

  10. anyone watching?

  11. OH hey hows it going

  12. bravo
    … bravo good sir

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