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TRAPPED in ABANDONED HOSPITAL (Exploring Creepy Haunted 24 Hour Challenge)

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After Chad Wild Clay went SCUBA DIVING for ABANDONED SAFE & POND MONSTER at SHARER FAM HOUSE (Exploring Underwater Pool) the monster in pond dragged him under water in the backyard. I never found my ninja weapons or phone. Vy Qwaint is missing, where she adventured off to remains a mystery. I wish she was here with her…

39 Comments on TRAPPED in ABANDONED HOSPITAL (Exploring Creepy Haunted 24 Hour Challenge)

  1. I'm Alive NINJAS! I found a computer in the hospital so now I can communicate with you. Do you Ninjas know where Vy is? #KickBump????

  2. mk ultra is mind control project by the cia

  3. no manches una bruja

  4. I found different meanings for MKU:

    (1)Madurai Kamaraj University
    (2)Mustafa Kemal University (est. 1992; Hatay, Turkey)
    (3)Malika Kambe Umfazi Sorority, Inc
    (4)Mount Kenya University (Kenya)

  5. When you heard the noise I see the hacker I paused

  6. The haker was uder the bed

  7. There was a person

  8. Ahh I saw someone spying on you by the window

  9. Omg I saw the curtain’s move ahhhhhhhh

  10. The white board said Vy Carter Lizzie and random people

  11. At 8 10 the curtains were moving

  12. There’s a camera

  13. I think Vy is in there

  14. Some one is watching you

  15. The certain moved!!!!

  16. I saw a cam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. There is a camera watching you

  18. I saw somebody inside. The curtin and i saw. A clue on the second door

  19. The curtain moved on the hospital camera ????????????????????????????

  20. I'm not gm and Pz biggest fan

  21. Chad not have boddy

  22. A hacker was spying on you threw the window when you put that simble back on the droor

  23. It looked like some one was under the blanket

  24. Vy is your girlfriend

  25. And I love your video you love please make a doll video again please

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