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Truth behind EVM Machine Hacking | Electronic Voting Fraud in India by Dhruv Rathee

In the Uttar Pradesh State Elections in India, the BJP won by a historic record breaking margin of 325 seats. This has bought forward the issue of Election fraud in EVM (Electronic Voting) machines. EVMs can be hacked and tampered easily. That’s why most developed nations do not use an EVM.

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31 Comments on Truth behind EVM Machine Hacking | Electronic Voting Fraud in India by Dhruv Rathee

  1. This video was made in 2017 to address the problems in EVM. There have been reports of EVM numbers not matching up in the 2019 elections also but I don't think EVMs affected the 2019 election results significantly.

  2. Puri k puri kitab liki thi????????????????

  3. Owww that’s why the fascist government in power

  4. Now a day's every one have the smart mobile, with Government should make a apps where everyone can vote through mobile, dhruv based on suggestion you can make one video

  5. VMM is frod, so only BJP Has own

  6. Oh ok… But one thing how do you know so much ???

  7. Why he is not talking about recent Maharashtra Jharkhand election?

  8. Rahul se ek baar pooch to leta K EVM start kis party ne kiya tha laya kon tha..

  9. Bhai evm Ki wajah se hi Rahul Gandhi jeeta tha usne bataya ni tujhe K iske upper bolne K liye kya kya topic bolne h

  10. Bhaii tune answer nahi kiya Seedha seedha…!!Gadbad to kisi b machine m ho skti hai the question is ki elections m evm hacked thi ya nahi…??? Ye btaoo..

  11. Matlab jahan jahan bjp nhi jit pai wahn Evm achha hoga na ..?????

  12. How interesting fact is that Mostly develop countries like America,Israel and Japan use Paper Ballet,but India use EVM.

  13. Evm hotao ,democracy bachao

  14. Evm ka khlule aam balatkar aur vo bhi bjp ka hatho.. Wah wah

  15. Bjp ne evm k hakking ka exploitation kia.. hope u understand…

  16. Please make a video on asaduddin owaisi dhruv

  17. Bjp evm ke bina jeet hi nahi sakti

  18. Fake news mat failao aur dusro ko gum raha mat kro ????????????

  19. these chips inside (as they're high security) should have encryption where only the manufacturers' chip could read the data. The encryption key should not be static. Now to hack this they're gonna have a hard time trying to find those keys. For that they'll need the whole blueprint of the chip, which is next to impossible!

    Or as the internet is all over india, a better zero-hack solution is present: blockchains. Blockchains as they're decentralised, cannot be hacked.

  20. Ullu Mt bna dhruv rathi….
    Agar essa hota to jharkhand aur Maharashtra me Kya huaa

  21. Ap ko kaise malum chalta hai ye sub…

  22. Very nice video ???????? ???? ???? ???? and very good sir

  23. Hi, an engineering college in Navi Mumbai invented a new kind of secure voting machine which had no chance of cheating and offered it to the government. But the government refused to buy it. It also had the feature that a person can cast a vote from any location. The name of the college is A. R Kalsekar College of Engineering, Thank you.

  24. Add sub titles let world see it and at last I hope we get old ballot box type which is used in great nations like us and england

  25. how do public can influence the removal of EVMs

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