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Tutorial – Excel 2010 – 10 Things you must know

Tutorial explaining 10 of the most common must-know features in Microsoft Excel 2010, Excel is used world-wide and this tutorial shows slightly beyond the basics in a simple way of understanding how to preform great tasks.

My second video, 10 More things you must know in Excel can be seen here:

19 Comments on Tutorial – Excel 2010 – 10 Things you must know

  1. Nice video! Thank you!

  2. Thank you !! Great vid!

  3. thanks its a good tutorial

  4. Very helpful, thank you :)

  5. too fast, insufferable

  6. Good for the very novice Excel user.

  7. Ilan you sure know your Excel but the screen size is too small for some of us, also you could slow down a little for us seniors.
    Thank you I learned a lot

  8. Very good and interesting to watch.. will help me enormously


  10. A really great basic video.

  11. ilan good start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am exactly four years and four days after you made this video. That's epic. 

  13. Hi there, sorry i used a different user anyway, I am having problems in getting rid of xxx's which are crossed i cannot see my numbers and i can't get rid of them. I don't have the same numbers like your numbers on the aging formatt get i'm getting so frustated, hope i'm making sense here

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