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Tutorial: How To Get Windows 10 As Soon As Possible!

A short and simple video showing how to get Windows 10 if it has not appeared in your Windows Update yet and you have reserved a copy.
Be sure to share it so everyone gets Windows 10 early!

1. Go to “C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownloads” and delete everything in that folder.
2. Open command prompt as administrator. (Go to run and type cmd.exe)
3. Set command prompt’s location to your user folder, so type in: “cd c:usersyour username” without quotation marks and hit enter.

20 Comments on Tutorial: How To Get Windows 10 As Soon As Possible!

  1. I did everything in the video, windows started downloading, it took like 2 hours with instalation, then it said to choose keyboard language and then i needed to turn off the PC, i was happy that i have windows 10, and it did not work, it did litteraly nothing. I tried everything but nothing work. 

  2. Mine says its checking requirements right now i hope this works

  3. Did not work for me


  5. That was a forward slash ;)

  6. Thanks for 2K views!

    Alrighty guys, it seems this method of getting Windows 10 doesnt seem to work for alot of people, here are some definite fixes:
    Change your language to US.
    download windows 10 with this tool

    Cheers all.

  7. The easier way to get Windows 10 now is to go straight to Microsoft at this link:
    and download the ISO file, create your own DVD and run setup.

  8. thank you actually worked haha nothing usually works for me XD

  9. My windows 7 ultimate is up to date But am unable to recivce windows 10 icon in taskbar area pls tell me any idea……

  10. Hey guys, if it is not working for you, please make sure that:
    Your version of windows is up to date (Win7 w/ SP1, Win8 w/ 8.1 update. Both with most recent updates installed)
    Windows 10 is actually reserved.
    Automatic updates is turned on in Windows Update.

    If it continues to not work, please check the description for a manual download of Windows 10.

  11. Don't work, idk why.. :/

  12. why 4 me it dosnt work ? :(

  13. If anyone is having trouble, be sure to update your windows to the latest version, and ensure that you have set windows updates to auto download and auto install.

  14. Does it work for windows 7? I followed the steps and the update is still not available.

  15. Instead of downloading windows 10 its downloading other updates?!

  16. thanks man, it works, upgrading windows right now!

  17. This work with 8.1 as well?

  18. it didnt work for me it download and install half way  and it said it failed

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