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Using Excel 2010 – Full Tutorial on the Various Functions

An easy to follow step-by-step tutorial outlining everything you need to know for the corporate environment. Learn Excel in just a couple hours: Concepts based. Easy to understand. Try it now. You will not be disappointed and also spread the word.

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20 Comments on Using Excel 2010 – Full Tutorial on the Various Functions

  1. Question because I have no idea where to help me find this information. I have Excel 2003.

    1. I have a calendar. I need there to be at least 7 lines on each day of the calendar.
    2. First line identifies if it is a Holiday if not then it is left blank.
    3. Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh lines will identify what I need for that particular section. I must have at least seven sections in each date in order to accomplish my tasks.
    4. Not ever line of every day will be the same. It is broken down by chores and sometimes I change the chores. I want to have a separate list right next to the calendar identifying what I want to put in each line (and mind you I won't necessarily have each line filled, it is just the max. I need and so when I type down the list and I Identify the exact day, I want it to plug in the information in the data line right next to the list of what I want in one of the 7 cells.
    5. I don't even have to have seven cells, I just need a maximum of 6 but I have to be able to identify if it is a holiday in some way on that calendar. I found a calendar that almost does exactly what I need it to do except it only had four or five extra lines and I need six max.

    Can you help me??? I will try to find that calendar so you will know exactly what I am talking about!!!

  2. It is amazing Sir, Indeed its very good learning. Thanks a lot

  3. Realy usefull!Thanks

  4. THANK YOU!!!!!! I have been looking for this for weeks and U just saved me. I feel like hugging u. Tears of joy are running down my chubby cheeks now.

  5. Hi. Thanks for this video.Is there a way where filters can be used and charts automatically changes and updates when input does ? e.g.

  6. thanks alot it make me helped to learn…..

  7. Thank you, it was easy to follow.

  8. thank you very much sir……..amazing way to teach and clear everything so simply

  9. do you PDF of this sir pls?

  10. Thank You Sir Your Have A Unique Way To Give The Information To Student & I Hope To See More & More Like This Video`s

  11. Thank you very much. Very useful

  12. Thanks! worked like adream.

  13. Very helpful video thanks !
    But most of the people who work with excel use mostly keyboard with shortcuts rather than mouse. I request you to please upload the video of using keyboard with shortcuts in excel. Thank you

  14. Sir this is pritesh shankar . I am going to appear for excel interview which will be fixed very soon.This tutorial was very useful for me. Thank u

  15. thank you Sali Kaceli you really show step by step and I love watching your video I work for quality control personal in the hospital i have a problem doing charts giving them arrival time then coming in the lab for injection and what time they leave from the injection and then on the table for how long time it took here i am having problem can you help me please would appreciate. thank you once again.

  16. Fantastic tutorial, thoroughly enjoyed it, i can now put my accounts in some kind of order..THANK YOU :)

  17. please sir can u send it to my mail id it will very helpfull for me.

  18. Thanks for the tutorial
    after 4 years i remember back all what i have studied which is big Thanks from you
    long life

  19. Lot of thanks for the huge of information about excel very helpful i see did not tutorial like this Amazing!

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