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VoiceMeeter Banana setup Tutorial – Basic

understanding Voicemeeter ( A Virtual mixer for windows 10) layout and the basic setup, and using with Skype or discord.

There are a lot of tutorials for voicemeeter but most don’t really show how the program interface is setup and it took watching a lot of videos and playing around with the program to really figure it out.

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25 Comments on VoiceMeeter Banana setup Tutorial – Basic

  1. everytime i switch default the audio stops working

  2. I cant get the sound in mind from Skype.

  3. This was great, someone that actually knows how to use this program making a video. I've watched about 10 of these and everyone was full of BS in one way or another. Thankyou.

  4. My problem is there are so latency on my mic and I can't change buffer size, because if I do that there are clicks and pops!

  5. This is the best VM tutorial ever. And I've seen a lot.

  6. Ok..but what if you dont want your music playing through your microphone

  7. I only have 1 Cable input not 2? Also when i select the first one i still have no sound

  8. OMG! I suddenly learn more of how to use VoiceMeeter Banana! I will rename the Input for Windows Audio settings. No wonder I get more and more confused with the same names for both input and output!

    But why all are sent to B2 rather than B1?

  9. Good video im going to attempt this tomorrow. I've tried now for two days to set it up. Thanks for the reset tip.

  10. Amazing job thanks for taking the time. Just a few things I'd like to add for folks – if your Voicemeeter VAIO and/or Voicemeeter AUX sample rates are NOT set correctly (in your example 48Hz) click your Windows 10 / Start button and search for 'Virtual IO Control Panel' run this as Administrator, click options in the top left, and near the bottom select the proper sampling rate. Now search for 'Virtual AUX IO Control Panel' once again run as administrator – options – select the correct sampling rate. You will need to reboot for these to take effect. Also one thing to note regarding Audio Router – after the Windows 10 Spring Update you can now adjust these inputs/outputs within Windows. Right click your speaker icon in your tray – open sound settings – scroll to the bottom under Other sound options click on 'App volume and device preferences' you should now see all available (detected) devices / applications (even Chrome works) you can (just like with Audio Router) independently select inputs and outputs for practically any application Windows will detect here.

  11. This was a great video… I was able to pair everything but my cell phone.. Was there anything I was suppose to check or configure on my phone? Samsung S8

  12. man you are a god, i was getting a lot of videos confusing as hell but you saved me, you show it step by step and is using the same as me, windows mediaplyer to music through skype like i want to do.. you are a god sent from heaven.. thanks man…i love ya

  13. this is the best tutorial ever. i've been trying to solve this problem for like 2+ years. thank you so much!

  14. My headphone uses 24 bit and my mic uses 16 could that cause problems?

  15. what about if i want to record audio
    off the internet.

  16. I can hear everything but in game audio… i dont understand how or why

  17. Excellent and clear tutorial. The best I've seen so far.

  18. You helped me indirectly solve an issue that I had been trying to solve for the past 48 hours. Thank you!

  19. Good video with clear and concrete configuration. I nevertheless see a problem : all vm input channels are routed to B2 output and then B2 output is used as input/microphone device for voip (skype or discord). So as I understand this creates an audio loop for voip as the remote person you are talking to with skype or discord will hear his own voice via B2 output. One solution could be to route micro input channel to B1 output (in add to B2) and then to use B1output as input/microphone device for Skype or Discord.

  20. Thank you so much you're a hero, I legit spent 12 hours trying to figure out what was wrong with my Voicemeeter setup until i came across this video

  21. dude OMG. I was searching for weeks for the reason of the pop and click in my headphones when i opened voicemeeter banana and thanks god that i clicked your video and now I i dont have this problem anymore THX( like izzz there)

  22. excellent video! great job!

  23. I'm still stumped 🙁

  24. Good video as there are many out there! I like how you walked through everything. One comment. At about 11:08 of your video, it looks like you changed the output of our VOIP strip (Voicemeeter Aux Input) from B2 to B1. I think that is important to clarify as if I understood how you set everything up, if you left B2 toggled in that column anyone on a skype/discord call with you would hear themselves as you would be routing their audio right back into skype/discord.

  25. Thank you, I honestly was about to give up until I stumbled upon this video. Also, kudos to the discord bot trick for testing your audio levels; I was looking for something like that.

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