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Watch Dogs Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 – Online Hacking! (Xbox One)

This Watch Dogs Gameplay Walkthrough on Xbox One includes Mission 5 in 1080p HD. Througout this Watch Dogs Gameplay Walkthrough, I will include a Review, all Campaign Missions, Acts, Free Roam, New Gameplay and the Ending of the Single Player.

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20 Comments on Watch Dogs Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 – Online Hacking! (Xbox One)

  1. Gym day hump day

  2. i watched the last 3 parts of this lets play, and dude you fucking suck.  You miss the common shit thats right in front of your face…its like you dont even read/look at the screen when you play…

  3. Never hide in cars… Just a tip, the hacking target always check the cars first.

  4. what the hell the first time i got hacked it was the same guy hacking you im not lieing seriusly maybe  he is from the company that made it idk?

  5. What can i do to pass the online contracts mission if i can't go online because my xbox is cracked? please help :[

  6. its just a bot or somethin. i had the same thing.

  7. So u can get hacked by other players (leave answer below thxs)

  8. You should of freaking moved when he pulled out the gun!!! You dope

  9. you can actually change the game settings so that no one can just come into your game. I like playing it this way better. when you're near someone they will challenge you and you have the option to accept or do nothing and continue with the campaign.

  10. I am get Watch dogs on the wii u

  11. I am get Watch dogs on the wii u

  12. the whole driving part sucks the most about this game, its complete shit, SHIT I TELL YOU!!!!!

  13. he tried hacking me too! lmao

  14. dat saintsfan listen to no number by mike golden and friends. its in the games and it is written by my chicago based cousin!!

  15. loved it saitsfan

  16. the cockpit view not on ps3 and 370 :(

  17. What difficulty ?

  18. When you use a jam com on online hacking it pauses the backdoor virus

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