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WATCH FULL HD iPTV FREE ON ANY DEVICE (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Smart TV)

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WATCH FULL HD iPTV FREE ON ANY DEVICE (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Smart TV)

This is all you need to learn to watch full hd iptv on any device.
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39 Comments on WATCH FULL HD iPTV FREE ON ANY DEVICE (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Smart TV)

  1. Need a Working iPTV Setup Then Email On:

  2. Hello pls can I have ur WhatsApp number because I wanna ask about how to download in Samsung smart tv ?

  3. Thank you for IPTV SETUP VEDIO

  4. Excellent site…thanks.

  5. gratis means free in romanian, the best it's using xmp

  6. Not even VLC would install

  7. Do it for the firestick

  8. vlc keeps playing the file as audio , help!

  9. How can I install vlc on smart tv

  10. Thank you so much, you don't know how much you down for me. Thank you

  11. Thx for the customized home screen

  12. Hey so I have an android top box KB2 PRO and did everything right but when I play a channel it keeps locking up and freezing whats wrong? sometimes it has a spinning VLC logo

  13. I am trying my Samsung smart tv and getting message file not supported

  14. Your videos is pvt iOS windows and smart tv am struggling??

  15. Not working on my tab. Vlc keep saying can not open location. Please do I need to change any settings apart from the repeat settings?

  16. Do you have a video to download IPTV to the firestick VLC or is it the same procedure

  17. Hi thanks for the info.. Great video. So if you want Canadian channels or another language as well you have to do the same thing so can have access to both the USA and Canadian and all other channels.?

  18. How to watch indian tv channels sir??

  19. Yeah, great video but the VLC on my fire stick is different and it’s not working

  20. buffering all the time; open error also

  21. Thank you can you get this on a smart TVs ? Can you let me know , thanks

  22. This takes too long to set up

  23. It's says there's no file

  24. Will this work on Firestick

  25. Hi
    Is this method works on TV too?

  26. No one channel is working some reason,they all down!!!(((

  27. WOW Very professional- thorough -easy to follow and it works!!

  28. its not working on windows

  29. Iptv kaise chalti hai yar batae ge

  30. well done.i follow your step one by one.thank you.

  31. yes..bro i been using it for a couple of months, yes is working but the channel is stop and go it's annoying.

  32. I had used iPTV, so I think It should improve some function like that TeaTV – It good

  33. When will you do it on the firestick

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