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Must Hear Virginia Shooting Witness Keli Kohlmeier Interview Reuploaded

History Professor Shot And killed At Mississippi University…


  1. This lousy video is unwatchable and the sound is even worse! And wtf does Family Guy have to do with any of your rantings?

  2. Challenge Jurisdiction and NEVER Plea…The law states that anytime Jurisdiction is challenged, it cannot be assumed, but shown by the judge in writing…which he cannot do…which eliminates all charges, due to no judge has jurisdiction over a Sovereign.
    I have just finished my case against 8 Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies and a Judge for Trespassing on my Rights. I claimed Sovereignty against each of them, not in their job titles, but as individual people who used their weapons against me, as a tactic to intimidate me. Each person violated my Rights by them using "Color Of Law" tactics by using their weapons, while coming after me. I do not have a Drivers License, nor register any vehicle and when I've been stopped, for not having a valid, registered vehicle, I carry my paperwork with me, which states I am a Sovereign and any citations or harassment will be taken care of against each person who violates my Rights. I was stopped once, gave the Sheriff my paperwork and he and a deputy read it, then gave me back my paperwork and said "We need to know this", which I replied, "We all do" and I was allowed to go on about my travels. It is called the "Right To Travel", which is backed up by 6 pages of Supreme Court Cases to prove that no Sovereign needs to have a Drivers license or Register anything to Travel on our Highways, which belong to "We The People". Only Commercial Drivers are expected to have a Drivers License and Drive Registered Vehicles. Even State "Speed Signs" read "For Commercial Drivers, etc…" If you want to know what a term means, look it up in "Blacks Law Dictionary". Driver is a person paid to "DRIVE products for hire"…If you are just "Traveling" say, with the family or alone and not moving products for a corporation, then No Drivers License or Registration is needed. I sued each and won, just over $41,000.00. I could have been a jerk and sued for more, but thought it necessary to give them a break and to be kind, just to prove my point. The Lawyers hired for the City, County were baffled and had no idea what to do. Know Your Rights, Know Them Well and be able to articulate them to anyone who asks. Carry your paperwork with you, so they understand completely that if given a citation or arrested, that they personally will be sued for "Trespassing on your Rights" and worse that they used a weapon to do it. Look Up "Right To Travel", which can be found on the internet and print it off, fill it in and carry it with you everywhere you drive. I peeled off all vehicle registration and maintain my license plate, just to not make every officer stop me, trying to figure out what is going on. They can look up my information in the Computer and it tells them something to the affect, "Leave, Said Person Alone, He's a Sovereign" and I've never been harassed since, by local Police or Sheriff Deputies…They just waive and keep driving.

  3. shared publicly….thanks Tat.

  4. see? thank you your honor. and I do mean your honor. finally someone who gives us some useful information. this is coming from someone who did time behind a wall. I'm totally at peace with it knowing I can use this against them for everything they write a summons for. jello biafra was right. causing trouble for the system IS much more fun. look that name up but you won't. if you do you'll find someone who was ahead of their time with the nwo coming our way.

  5. The family guy, Good grief! That show is beyond disgusting. I wouldn't even let a dog watch that program.
    (Defiantly not anything children watch) *Really a very sick minded person creating such filth.
    Sad day when I'd have to say, Beavis and Butt-Head was more entertaining.

  6. You have a lot of good information here, but you have not seen the full picture. I have not listen to all (it's kinda hard because the voice file has not been modified after being recorded from text there for no human intonations (pauses)
    anyway if you dig deeper you will find that you can get your way in court. The only requirements are that you have a good idea of who you are when in court, and that you do all of your defending yourself. (comments welcomed) have a look around do a search or two.
    People make this harder than it has to be. Many so they can suck you dry with useless information which will not help if you have to go to court ( best thing is not to get in that situation!) But should you, know that there simple remedies.

    Wisdom is the application of Knowledge and that bring Understanding.
    akoben adinkrahene

  7. content is interesting… video and the cpu voice are equally annoying. Vid is just random and doesn't really have anything to do with the content being spoken… cpu voice doesn't always enunciate appropriately.. lol But if you can get past those.. again, very interesting content. Anyone have a website link for this info?

  8. @tatoott1009tatsrevolution what word did you use in this sentence?……'the use of capital letters is dictated by___ printing style manual

  9. As engineers we are taught to write in caps to avoid potential error in understanding,

    Wonder if there is more to it than that with the engineering universities?

  10. Okay…Could you please put a disclaimer on this video?? I work in health care and it can cause epileptic seizures.

  11. Why the "Uncle Ned" voice, Tats?!? You seem intelligent, and you must realize you allowed WAY TOO MANY adverts into a twenty three minute video. Maybe if you allow a thousand advertisements in a twenty minute video the powers that be will pass you up for scrutiny because you're totally okay with materialism!?! Seems crazy, but crazier things will prevail. Furthermore, admiralty law has been argued by some of the most intelligent men…albeit in a prison cell.

  12. I was 5 years old the first time I'd realized my government was a lie, and lies to it's people. we had regular drills to hide under our desk in school in case of nuclear bombs. My young mind said bullshit! if I survive under my desk, should I then go out to the playground and melt? OMG really people

  13. I'd like to see a transcript of this video.

  14. Why are All these videos,electronic voices? SERIOUSLY???#IAMAFOLLOWEROFJESUSCHRIST

  15. And its the same everywhere!! And if u wanna know where it all started, look at what the English government did in 1666!! Seriously look into it, our governments aren't up the corporations arses, they are for profit corporations!!! We are dead to them, literally and it all goes back to 1666!!!

  16. This is true as I have tried it just to see if it worked…Case dismissed on two parking tickets…do not say you are the name on the birth certificate you are not…get your LIVE BIRTH RECORD…it has your parents signature on it…it was swapped without full disclosure, so instead of giving your live birth record they gave you your corporate business name!!!

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