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why i hate windows 10

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11 Comments on why i hate windows 10

  1. Cool vid. Thanks for posting.

  2. I Hate Windows 10 So If You Hate Windows 10 switch to ubuntu

  3. i am with u on all of these i buying windows 7 again

  4. hi what isthat app you're using foryour desktop icons, i want my desktop clean also like that

  5. This guy is just here to create trouble. That windows 10 is rigged, of you look good one could see a little spark going off when he clicks the start button. I think apple pays the people to make videos like these.

  6. Download Windows Classic Shell for free. It will fix all your start menu problems. And it only takes a second to download.

  7. the best way is .. instaling win 8.1 with theme win 10

  8. i think windows 8 was better than this… : /

  9. yah…i had that windows 10 "update" 4 2 days – i went back to my good old 7 with the start menu, which has all i need at my fingertips 2 go 2 computer war or repair, thank goodness! "no thanks" 2 10!

  10. same happened here but i only installed windows 10 to see if the CastScreen were fixed

  11. I had those same issues & more! It had me so pissed off, I just wiped the hdd & re-installed 8.1 with the discs I made. Do you have the product key from your computer? These links might help you to re-install 8.1

    Create Installation Media windows 8.1 from             

    Here's a tutorial for the link above

    You're going to want to save this site!!

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