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Windows 10 – Beginners Guide [Tutorial]

Windows 10 – Beginners Guide [Tutorial]

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8 Comments on Windows 10 – Beginners Guide [Tutorial]

  1. Share you my experience here, if any one need windows product key, you can go to I got my key here and will go there to get another one.

  2. I'm going to watch this video when I'm in bed so I can get quickly asleep.

  3. Very informative and well done Windows 10 tutorial! Thank you. Windows 10 has increased functionality that makes we wish I had upgraded sooner.

  4. Very helpful for my new Windows 10 PC
    Though just a bit of advice in the future;; idk if it's just your voice or smth but every so often I would be dozing off & would have to go back a few seconds to re-listen to what you said – I also put on the Closed Captions which did help me
    ALSO if you ever do audio tapings of reading books please let me know bc even tho this is a tutorial I happen to like your voice more if it was reading to me (Animal Farm / Brain on Fire etc etc)
    Thanks for the help & have a great day!

  5. Hi, I love your tutorial. I was interested in making a video like this myself. Can you give me details on how you were able to present this and highlight and trace?

  6. Great tutorial. Thank you. I'm a "newby" and followed your every move! Removed the scare I was given by some friends. Agreed, Microsoft is moving in the right direction.

  7. Shame that Windows 10 looks so ugly.

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